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A.  Front Squats – 5 x 8 w/2-3 Min Rest

B.  Prison Rules  

3 x Reps every 15 Secs for 16 Sets

Russian Swings

Rest 1 Min


Rest 1 Min

Goblet Squats

Performance – Sport

A.  Front Squats – 5 x 8 w/2-3 Min Rest

B.  Prison Rules 

3 x Reps every 15 Secs for 16 Sets

PC + PJ 

Rest 1 Min 

Power Snatch 

Rest 1 Min 


@ 75lb/65lb  (Sport @ 95lb/65lb) 

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18 Responses
  1. kitgat

    A. —->175
    B. Done . …focus on your form, don’t forget to breath, watch the clock and just %&*ng GO! Surprisingly thrusters were the easiest. Great WOD. Have a great Firday!

  2. Carrie

    A. 115×2, 120×2, 125×1. JennF throwing the weights on
    B. 55#. Snatches no breaks. PC&J 2 breaks, thrusters 2 breaks. Happy I could keep up with the 3 reps all the way through.

  3. Crysta P

    A. 65, 65, 75, 75, 85 – probably should have gone heavier but did FS last night at Oly
    B. PC + PJ @ 45lb, PS and Thrusters @ 35lb. Missed a rep or took a break on 3-4 sets of the PC + PJ – just can’t seen to do them fast enough. Went unbroken on PS and thrusters (so maybe I should have used more weight?). Felt really good about the snatches. Glad it’s over!

  4. Jason

    A. 75,95,95,105,105 Still going light as I still feel a pull in my hip

    B. 65lbs for all. 2 breaks in Snatches, PC&J 3 breaks. Thrusters 4 breaks and dropped down to 2 per set

  5. Josh

    A.) 155, 165, 165, 185, 185
    B.) Done @ 75lbs. Took one break during snatches – not too bad. Took two breaks during C&J, probably because they were so time-consuming. I was surprised to find the thrusters were the easiest – only took one break. I’ve said it before, but I’m loving these “mental” workouts… I’m physically capable, but need to overcome the mental barrier.

  6. Malachi Johnson

    A.) 225
    B.) @75…..Snatches, finished all…….PC & J, rested 1 set…….Thrusters, rested 3 sets……Probably could have pushed through it, so I am disappointed that I didn’t do that. Sometimes I think I am more tired than I really am, I need to push myself a little more. I think the squats wore me out a little. Good workout!!!!!

  7. Jennifer Brickley

    A. 75, 85, 95, 105×2. Probably could have done more, but first time in AGES I have been squatting. Worked well.
    B. Fitness. Used 1 pood. Tried to do as many “real” push ups as I could (got 3 rd and then a rep for a few more sets). Good workout. Thank you for the fitness routine. Thank for all the variety you offer!!

  8. Susan

    A. 55,55,55,75,75 Focused on getting form right as opposed to going heavier than I did today. Trying to keep chest up.
    B. 35# Snatches no breaks, PC&J rested 2 sets and did 2 sets with 2. Thrusters rested 1 set. Feel good that I did this. Great workout!

  9. Sara Jech

    A. 115, 135, 155, went again at 155 but failed my second rep, dropped down to 135 for 8!
    B. All @ 65lbs….
    Rested set 13 on snatches
    Rested set 9 on C & J
    Rested set 12 on Thrusters…
    I agree with Malachi… Sometimes I think I’m more tired than my body actually is… but I struggle with knowing when to take a break and keep good form and just pushing through to just push through…

  10. Cally

    A: 35, 25, 55, 65, 75 was pretty easy, should have started heavier
    B. 45# for snatches and C&J, 35# for thrusters ( should have kept the 45# on for the thrusters), did 1-3 reps for each set, didn’t miss any sets. Good form throughout.
    Great workout. Practiced unassisted pull-ups before class. Getting more control and can get one, number two is just short.

  11. Staci Vinz

    A. 135-135-140-140-145
    B. Snatch (all rounds completed)
    PC+J (missed 1 round)
    Thrusters (missed 3 rounds) should of sucked it up and pushed through and only missed 1, maybe 2 rounds, but lost mental focus.

  12. Elizabeth

    A: 65-75-75-80-85. By the end my wrists were so sore I didn’t know if I could finish part B.
    B: Fitness: yellow kb for swings; did 5 sit-ups instead of push-ups because of my wrists (Sorry Juli, I remember as I finished that I was supposed to do divers. Oops) ; finished with 2 sets of goblet squats with yellow kb and then did the rest as air squats to give my wrists a break.
    **A big thanks to all the coaches for being so understanding and helpful of me scaling. It’s nice to not feel the least bit judged for having to change things up or scale down.**

  13. Nicole Chovan

    A. 135-135-140-140-145. Didn’t start where I wanted to. My hips didn’t feel loosened up at all. Need to do some thoracic mobility because I was struggling with my breathing on this part.
    B. Snatches-Completed all rounds
    PC+J- missed rounds 7 and 11. Talked with Sara Jech after class about how I bring the bar down. I waste a ton of energy by bring it back down to shoulders then to hips before back to the ground. Need to work on this but was struggling with the jerks a ton.
    Thrusters- missed round 11.

    Tough one. Ready to get some hard core mobility in this weekend!

  14. Paul Bye

    Not feeling very energetic today…
    A. 135-145-155-145-145 – only got 7 out of 8 on the last two. Julie pointed out that I’m buckling my knees in on squats when I get tired. Focused more on getting it right on the last 2 sets even if I couldn’t go down as far.
    B. @75#. Got the first 8 sets of snatches, then did 2’s or 1’s on the last 8. Cleans I only got 2’s and 1’s. Thrusters I only got 2’s and 1’s and had to skip a few. As hard as these are, they really are good for endurance and breaking out of our usual patterns of lifting sets.

    Not my best day, but I guess it’s better than not coming!

  15. Laura S

    A. 70-70-75-80-85
    B. Snatches/PC+J @ 45, Thrusters @ 35.
    Did keep with only 2 breaks during each movement. As I got more tired, I would make sure to at least make 2 reps for each set.
    I always feel worked after prison rules and reminded myself to move my head out of the way during the push jerks when I smacked my chin with the bar. Ouch.

  16. JennF

    Reunited with the morning crew and it was great!
    A. See Carrie’s… Felt good.
    B. @65#. 1 skipped round for snatches. 2 for c-j…(not quick with transitions and the push jerk).. Michael pointed out I wasn’t fully extended for some of the reps.. Skipped round 8 on thrusters.
    Liked the WOD

  17. Cory L

    A. 95, 125, 135, 155, 155, 155, 155, 155. Pretty sure I came close to my 5-rep max on these.
    B. 65lbs. Wasn’t able to string 3 of any movement together within 15s after the first 3 rounds on the snatch. Had to even skips a few rounds. Was unable to remember any counts afterward. Was somewhat dizzy during some of the movements. Brutal after doing the FS.

  18. David Muscarella

    A. 85, 85, 85, 85, 105
    B. 4 reps with green kettle, Started with 4 push ups, ended with three, many from knees, yellow kettle.
    Great workout, I liked it (fitness).