Friday 03222013

Prep time
Prep time

Fitness – Performance – Sport

Open WOD 13.3

12 Min AMRAP

150 x Wallballs @ 20lb/14lb – 10ft/9ft 

90 x Double-unders

30 x Muscle-ups  (Pull-ups for non-competitors) 

Masters @ 20lb/10lb – 9ft target 

Optional Accessory 

Muscular Endurance 

Bench Press – 5 x 3 

Dumbbell Push Press – 3 x 15  

Lateral Dumbbell Flys – 3 x ME 

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12 Responses
  1. Paul

    139 – thanks to Patrick and Todd for all the encouragement.I hope
    This was a great workout for me to do because I will now be encouraged to do all my wallballs as if they’re being judged. I hope I get another shot at a similar workout in next year’s open!

  2. kit

    241 Short of 1 rep from last year. Still happy coz Matt watched and validated my WB. …..”That’s Integrity” – Matt A.

  3. Bryan Akervik

    215 – 14lb ball. – I think I could have got 240… rep’d at least 9 early and didn’t realize it until I hit 25. Killer.

    Fun workout! Lungs haven’t burned like that in a while.

  4. Jessi

    150 – finished wallballs around 10:30 minutes (didn’t look at the clock), but couldn’t get 1 double under even though I had been getting a few in practice just minutes earlier.