Friday 05232014


All Levels 

A.  Establish a 6RM Front Squat then perform: 

3 Sets of 6 Reps of A @ -10lb-30lb w/3 Min Rest

B.  AFAP w/Partner 

100 x Wallballs 

100 x American Swings 

100 x Box Jumps 

100 x Calorie Row 

Partition reps as needed 

-Post results under comments

8 Responses
  1. Crysta P

    A. 145, 125, 125, 125. My max set was a little off – coming up from the bottom crooked – not super surprising since my hip was a little tweaky this morning so decided to drop 20# and focus on form. Drop sets were better.
    B. 18:21 (I think?) w/Nicole. I used the 12# WB, both did Am Swings w/ orange kb, 20″ box (yay Nicole for trying jumps today and hitting 40 of them!). Definitely a lung burner. Feeling better about American swings.

  2. Lindsey Grace

    A. 115 6 rep max (super tired from hours of landscaping), 3 sets of 6 at 105
    B. With Jim
    17:08-14#WB, yellow KB, 20in box jumps, row

    I love partner WODS!

  3. Sara G

    A. Worked up to 120, dropped down to 110 – 3 sets of 6
    B. 20:41 with Lynn – love partner WOD’s!

  4. JennF

    A. 165-dropped to 155 3 sets x6.
    B. 15?: 38 with appointed partner Chris (thanks Juli).. made me work 🙂 14# WB 2; 1pd am swings, 20″ box jump, rowing.

    Liked this one 🙂

    Then got a Mani… the lady says.. you mess em up by Wednesday, I’ll redo them for free… haha… she couldn’t tell by my calluses that I CrossFit??

  5. Paul Bye

    Warmup. Love the mobility stuff Michael!
    A. 135-155-175-195 (2 reps) then 175-165-155 drop sets
    B. 17:28 Partner WOD with Chris, @20# wallballs, 1.5 pood American Swings. Got 3 pulls on the rower today where the counter went up 2 calories…had never seen that before.
    C. Walk the dog. I’d say it was NFT, but the way she “walks” it feels like she is doing it for time.

  6. Susan kian


    I sucked at ttb today but managed to muddle thru everything. Attempted 6 MU and made four…I caught them low cuz I was tired and not very aggresive. Getting back to sport kinda blows. I feel like I’m struggling…but then I remind myself that I just had a kid and I’m almost thirty five. Then I give myself a lil pat on the back !–

    20 min run after

  7. Staci Vinz

    A. 185. Drop load @ 165.
    B. Sport WOD. Made it through 12 MU when clock got turned off.
    C. 20 min recovery run.