Friday 06222012


A1.  Power Snatch – 5 x 3 w/2 Min Rest 

Optional Squat Cycle 

A2.  Back Squat – 8 x 3 @ 80% w/2 Min Rest 

If you aren’t planning on attending Saturdays classes but would like to stick to the back squat cycle, perform the back squat cycle in place of the Power Snatches. 

B.  Angie 


100 x Pull-ups 

100 x Push-ups 

100 x Sit-ups 

100 x Squats 

Substitute 100 x Russian Kettlebell Swings for the Squats if you performed the back squat cycle or if you’re legs are fatigued.  

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9 Responses
  1. Jeanne

    BS 8×3 120 lb

    WOD: 50 pullups-green band, 50 band assisted pushups, 100 situps, 100-44lb Russian kb swings 13:40
    LOVED IT! My arms are still shaking.

  2. Bob

    BS 8×3 165
    WOD:50 PU green band,50 pushups,100 situps,100 kb swings 1pd

    My pullups are terrible definitely need to improve those

  3. Drew

    BS: 8×3 @ 205

    WOD: 22:36 (red band), but 100 straight

    No tears/rips. Can still move my arms. For now.

  4. Staci

    Oly Class Lifting (155# power clean- 10#PR)
    WOD: 29:13RX!!!!! I had yet to complete this WOD RX’d till today. Although a lil slow I was bound and determined to finish it. I was just glad I didn’t have to start a stop watch to finish my time! Sit-ups and air squats unbroken!!

  5. Kessa

    I hoped I could make it through the 50 rep cycle… I made it and felt pretty good so I did a cycle of 25, still felt I could go a little more so I did the last set of 25. Can’t believe I did 100 push ups!