Friday 07202012

The Grenells, Nate and Shanna enjoying the games!

A.  Max Push Press 

B.  8 Minute AMRAP – TGU (Alternating -Med Heavy) 

C.  5 Rounds

2 Minutes 

200M Run 

AMRAP – Double-unders  for the remainder of the period 

1 Min Rest after each round 

-Post results under comments 



7 Responses
  1. Josh

    A. 155#
    B. 38 DUs……super low, but this was the first w/o where I only counted DUs. I want to leave singles behind within the next two months.

  2. Rach H

    Push Press: 130 (5#PR), kept buckeling my knees (aka jerk) so I’d redo it.
    WOD: best 112, worst 90 (got 95 straight DU’s at one point Personal PR!) I love it when my DU’s are on!! got them going faster too. Felt awesome!!!

  3. Staci

    PP: 130 (15#PR)
    WOD: 200m row, toes thru rings.
    High of 26 low of 14 (don’t remember exact numbers).

  4. Jessica L

    Push Press: 105#, not sure what my max was before, pretty sure not that much 🙂
    8 Min of TGU R/L arms with the KB with pink tape
    200 m run, and toes thru rings not sure of exact numbers. Feels so good to run again….out of practice!