Friday 08312012

Why not start now?! 

-Matthew Arnold

A not so proud moment..

The Whole life challenge is happening in a little over 2 weeks, for most of you this is your last chance to indulge in your favorite unfavorable foods, alcohol, and bad behaviors.


Why not start changing your habits right now?  For myself I’ve made a conscious effort improving the quality of foods I’m taking in, minimizing my alcohol consumption, and balancing my workouts with my recovery.  I feel like if I just “jumped” into the challenge without preparing myself, I would have a higher chance of failure.

Here are a few things I’ve started to change with my habits and life style that I would suggest all of you to start if you haven’t already.

1.  Start looking and playing around with different paleo friendly recipes and foods so you don’t get stuck eating the same thing over and over.  We have a great source of recipes thru our CFP Blog updated by our very own Jen Grenell.  There’s also an infinite amount of paleo recipes out in the world wide web that will give you plenty of options for 8 weeks plus!

2.  Prepare a solid plan for success.  Start planning your days working out, your days off, your recovery days, foods, supplementation, and sleep.  The more you plan the more successful you will be.  Jumping into the challenge without planning for anything will set you up for failure.  Start planning weeks at a time and I guarantee you’ll have more success sticking to your game plan versus winging it.

3.  Stop cheating 5 days a week, that isn’t cheating, that’s just bad eating.  Try minimizing your cheat days to 1-2 meals a week, not a full blown 1-2 DAYS a week, trust’s hard to recover from these.

4.  Start communicating with fellow members.  We’re doing this challenge together as a community…everyone that’s doing the WLC is going thru the same pains, ups and downs, and misery.  As an individual this challenge will be near impossible to succeed, but as a community success is guaranteed.  Be involved, talk to someone that’s doing the challenge, share with them your idea’s, this is a great time to grow as a community!!

I hope all of you take this challenge to heart and really look forward to changing your life.  Even if you don’t “win” the actual competition you’re still winning if you give an honest effort!  Make that effort and you’ll reap the benefits!


A.  Snatch (Squat) x 2 – EMOM @ 75% for 7 Minutes  

-Every missed snatch = 3 burpee penalty performed after the EMOM 

B.  Isabel  

30 x Snatches @ 135lb/95lb 

C.  Mobility  

-Post results under comments  

10 Responses
  1. Jim Sorum

    morning run: 12 rounds :30 on, :30 off on the hill from train track by Northgate Plaza up the hill past Assissi Heights. 1.1 miles

    Isabel @ 55lbs: 2:35 all squat snatches