Friday 10262012

Good luck to Coach Cory at his RKC II Certification this weekend!

Just a reminder, Halloween workout will start at 10 am this Saturday!  

A.  Power Clean + Hang Clean + Push Jerk @ 65%-75% Every 40 Seconds for 6 Mins (10 Reps)

B.  Power Elizabeth


Power Cleans @ 135lb/95lb

Ring Dips

C.  3 x Plank holds w/Medball x 1 Min

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15 Responses
  1. Jim Sorum

    endurance WOD: 6X250m w/1:00 rest then 6X500m w/1:30 rest (:51,:51,:50,:53,:52,:51/ 1:49,1:51,1:50,1:51,1:54,1:52)

    CFP WOD: A. 95lbs
    B. 8:20 @105lbs
    Thanks Addison for the correction on the ring dips. Even though it sounds backwards and slowed me way down I will work on it

  2. AmyD

    Did the workout Sat @ the Dan
    Approx 9 min.
    Hanging Cleans @ 55lb (I think) used a short barbell. And tricep dips.