How do I get the most from my BOX?

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How do I get the best from my BOX?


There are a little lessons we learn as we adjust and adapt to the gym way of life. What to wear, what to eat, what not to eat, how much chalk do I really need,…etc. Crossfit gyms and weight lifting gyms are in a slightly different category than you ordinary gym and therefore the rules are a little different as well. Whether you are a veteran or a newbie, being reminded of why we do what we do is a good thing for the whole community. So here is short list of friendly reminders for all of CFP.


*Leave your ego at the door please. Whether you have heard this before or not, it is always a good reminder to aim for progression not perfection. Crossfit and weight lifting are humbling to everyone and trying to be perfect is simply the wrong approach.


*Support other members. We are all in this together. “..when it rains, we all get wet.” This is a community driven environment so remember, we train as individuals but we workout as a community.


*If you don’t know, ASK! The coaches job is to be here to answer any and all questions. Ask questions and get answers.


*Don’t do stupid things. Eliminating the unnecessary will eliminate injuries. Listen to the coaches by always practicing technique first, consistency second, and then and only then intensity. And always do your MOBILITY!


*Be on time. Get here on time so you can warm-up properly, be consistent and learn new skills.


*Don’t put down, put away. This is everyones gym including yours, so treat it as such. Once we are all done, then and only then put your equipment away. Clean up after yourself and always keep the chalk in the bucket.


*Eat well. Lots of meat and vegetables, some nuts and fruit and little starch and sugar. Keep it simple and keep intake to levels that will support exercise and not fat. Always remember, fat doesn’t equal fat, sugar equals fat.


*HAVE FUN!! We do take our training seriously and we want serious results, but come on, have some fun! Don’t forget to laugh through the sweat.


Coach Juli


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