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Every spring time there is a special event that takes place at the “nostalgic” Eastview Rec. Center in St. Paul Minnesota. There is the smell of spring in the air, the sound of crashing barbells, as all of the regular crowd shuffles in. Of course I am talking about the Minnesota Local Weightlifting Club Championships.

Believe it or not the Rochester Barbell Club is one of the main clubs in Minnesota Weightlifting. At the 2013 LWC’s The Rochester Barbell Club was 1 point away from winning the Women’s 1st place team award. This year I am inviting everyone who is interested or available to lift at the Minnesota LWC’s on Saturday March 22nd. It does not matter your skill level as long as you total (complete one snatch and one clean and jerk) you score a point for the Rochester Barbell Club.

The atmosphere is very similar to participating in a Crossfit “throw down” from the view that everyone just wants to see you compete and do your best. The only pressure that exists is the pressure that you create in your own mind. The meet itself is about half the size of the Minnesota Open and takes place at a smaller venue. If you have ever wanted to feel what it’s like to train in an Old school weight lifting gym this is it.

To be able to lift you must first be able to perform a snatch and a clean and jerk. There are no minimum starting weight requirements. All lifters must be current USAW members when you sign up put #3026 (Rochester Barbell Club) for your club.

Continue to this website to fill out an entry form.

As far as dress requirements all lifters wear singlets. It is okay to wear t-shirts and shorts under the singlet. In reality you are on a platform in a singlet for a total of about 30 seconds max.

There are no age requirements and in fact there are records for all age categories. (see tabs at bottom of page)

Again the meet is Saturday March 22nd and even if you just want to come along to watch the Rochester Barbell Club loves supporters! Also there has been rumors of stopping at Raising Caine’s Chicken in Apple Valley on the way home.
See you soon,


Coach Nic


Nic Scudamore

USAW Level 1

CFP Weightlifting Coach

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