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Monday 02102014


Our next Family and Friends day for all classes and locations is February 17th.  Follow this link to RSVP yourself and your friend!  If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]  

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Date:  Sunday, February 16 

Time:  9:30am – 11:30am  

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A.  EMOM – 8 Mins 

Even – 5 x Power Swings 

Odd – 8 x DB Thrusters 

Rest 4 Mins 

B.  EMOM – 8 Mins 

Even – 5 x Deadlifts 

Odd – 10 x Alternating Step-ups 

Rest 4 Mins 

C.  6 Min AMRAP 

10 x Russian Swings 

10 x Burpees 

20 x DU 

Performance – Sport  

A.  EMOM – 8 Mins 

Even – 3 x TNG PS @ 135lb/95lb (Sport @ 155lb/105lb) 

Odd – 5 x Burpee Box Overs @ 24inch/20inch 

4 Min Rest 

B.  EMOM – 8 Mins 

Even – 5 x TNG PC + PJ @ 135lb/95lb (Sport @ 155lb/105lb) 

Odd – 8 x Box Jumps  

4 Min Rest 

6 Min AMRAP 

10 x Deadlifts @ 135lb/95lb (Sport @ 155lb/105lb) 

10 x BOB 

20 x DU 

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20 Responses
  1. Carrie

    A. 85# 20″ box. Stepped over
    B. 85# 20″ box jumps. Felt better than Friday. Wondering if I should’ve gone up to 95#
    C. 3+11. 95# DL, BOB step overs and 15 tuck jumps. Hope this DU seminar helps!!
    Love the rest breaks inbetween!!

  2. Monica

    A. 1 pood. 15# dumbbells
    B. 105# deadlifts. 20 inch box step ups.
    C. 3+14 – 1 pood and 15 tuck jumps instead of DU’s.

  3. Crysta P

    A. PS @ 55lb (really should have gone heavier…have got to get better at picking weights), Burpee Box Overs @ 20inch
    B. PC + PJ @ 65lb (prob should have gone a bit heavier). Box Jumps @ 20inch.
    C. 4 + 1. Really happy with this – my goal was 4 rounds. Deadlifts @ 75lb (went a bit light and focused on lifting evenly – trying to get rid of a bit of SI joint tweakiness at PT), tuck jumps.

  4. Sara G

    A. 50# PS – really trying to push myself to increase weight with these, 20″ box for burpees
    B. 65# PC + PJ – probably could have gone a bit heavier – 20″ box jumps
    C. 3 rounds – 85# DL (should have done it Rx @ 95#), those DU’s are a killer at the end of a long WOD like this one – DU’s are getting better for me though, I can usually get 10-12 in a row

  5. Josh

    A.) Snatches @ 115×2 then @135×2. 24” box.
    B.) PC + PJ @ 135. 24” box.
    C.) DL @ 135, BOB and DUs. 5 + 9. I thought for sure I only did 4+9, but my classmates who did 4+some assured me I was quite a ways ahead of them. Regardless, this felt good. I wasn’t dead like I thought I’d be. Looking forward to feeling 100% tomorrow for squat day.

  6. Megan

    A. 45# PS
    20″ burpee box step ups
    B. 55# PC&PJ
    Box step ups
    C. 4 rounds @ 85#
    10# ball slams
    Lateral BOB
    This was a killer WOD . Lots of variety. Lots of skills necessary. Ugh left feeling physically spent!

  7. Susan kian

    6 db snatch 30lbs burpee step overs

    95# hang clean and jerk x5
    8 step ups(tried to push off one leg and add a hop at the top for a lil extra.

    6 min amrap didn’t count as usual but kept moving and didn’t miss any dubs! Success! I felt like I could have kept going. I think I found my rhythm! 95# sumo deadlifts and pregnant burpee bar overs.

  8. Staci Vinz

    A. Done @ 105 (TNG PS felt good today)
    B. Done @ 105
    C. 4+ 30 (just kept moving. Good WOD after the weekend).

  9. Nicole Chovan

    AM- Crossover symmetry and about an hour of mobility.

    PM- Performance today. I felt like I got hit by a bus prior to class, but after Coach Jech’s warm up I felt pretty good.
    A. Done, felt pretty good. Burpee box jump overs were FAST. I don’t know I’ve ever moved that quick before 🙂
    B. Done, also felt good. Tried to work on transition from the PJ to the next clean. Played around with it a bit.
    C. 4+20. Not too bad. I think I slowed down a ton after 3 minutes or so. Tight space for double unders, so that also slowed me down a bit. I kept hitting my rope on objects.

    Good day for how I felt. I think I felt better moving than not, because while I was coaching I felt tight again.

  10. Paul Bye

    A. Completed – @105# snatch, 24″ box over burpees. Tried to stick to jumping instead of step-ups, hard/slow for me – I have to stop and concentrate on jumping up or I will slip or miss. Step-ups still faster for me at this point (but I did jump all of these).
    B. Completed – @115# clean/jerk, 24″ box jumps. Same, jumped all of them – jump down is hard on the back.
    C. 2 rounds + 21 reps, @135# DL, tuck jumps. Tuck jumps were tough by the time we got to these.

  11. JennF

    A. 75 x2 rounds then 80×2 rounds— TNG. Felt good. Took the Burpee over box jumps slow.
    B. 95#– transition from PC to PJ is awkward. Shoulder mobility??
    C. 3+21 at 95. (20 TJ per round). Blasted out of the gate.. and realized everyone else was well paced. Lost a little steam after the 1st round.

  12. Sara Jech

    A. PS @ 95lbs….. 2 rounds of burpee box overs at 20 and then 2 rounds at 24…all burpees done in about 13 secs
    B. 95lbs…… feeling better about this transition…. Box Jumps were good! All rebounds…
    C. 3 + 19 at 105lbs…… The clock really threw me off…. Dislike Matt!!!!! Liked the smaller rep count for DUs.. made me feel like I could actually do them vs. having to try and do 90 and already feeling overwhelmed……

  13. Pat Demeules

    A. 105 Worked on jumping instead of stepping.
    B. 115
    C. 2+18. 115 deadlifts, need to work on technique. Been awhile since I have done them. Agree with Sara on the clock issue.

    Overall was a nice wod

  14. Jessi A

    A. Power Swings @ 20kg, DB Thrusters w/ 20lb DB in each hand
    B. DL @ 135#, Step-ups @ 20 inches
    C. 2+11 Russian Swings @ 20kg, did 10 DU attempts per round. Only got 1 DU. I am REALLY looking forward to the DU seminar!!!

  15. Laura S

    A. @ 65 and step overs
    B. @ 75 (was definitely getting heavy but stuck it out. I knew 65 would be too light) and mix of jumps/step ups
    C. 2+10 (tuck jumps are rough)

    I felt really good. Really tired by the last round.

  16. Jessi

    A. 55# Snatch, 20″ box
    B. 65# C&J, 20″ box (did step-ups for this)
    C. 85#, 2 +12. It was a good double under day! Managed to get 13 in a row my first try. 2nd round was a little harder with being tired.

    Really liked the programming.