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Date:  Sunday, February 16 

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CFP Youth Program
CFP Youth Program


A.  7 Min AMRAP 

10 x Swings 

10 x Weighted Sit-ups 

10 x Push-ups 

5 Min Rest 

B.  5 Min AMRAP 

15 x Ball Slams 

10 x Deadlifts (Light) 

5 Min Rest 

C.  3 Min AMRAP 



A.  7 Min AMRAP 

5 x Squat Clean @ 135lb/95lb 

10 x T2B 

15 x HR Push-ups 

5 Min Rest 

B.  5 Min AMRAP 

35 x DU 

12 x PS @ 75lb/55lb 

5 Min Rest 

C.  3 Min AMRAP 

Burpee Pull-ups or BOBs 


A.  7 Min AMRAP 

5 x Squat Cleans @ 155lb/105lb 

10 x T2B 

15 x HR Push-ups 

5 Min Rest 

B.  5 Min AMRAP 

35 x DU 

12 x PS @ 95lb/65lb 

5 Min Rest 

C.  3 Min AMRAP 

Burpee Muscle-ups 

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17 Responses
  1. Crysta P

    A. 4+2 (Clean @ 55lb)
    B. 2+17 (I think? maybe it was 3+17) (tuck jumps, PS @ 40lb)
    C. 36 (BOB)
    Probably should’ve gone a bit heavier but my brain was just slow this morning (bad sleep). Burpees actually went pretty well this morning…

  2. Joel

    Tough but good WOD. Felt alright until the burpees

    A. 4 + 20
    B. 3+3
    C. 16 (totally wiped out during this part)

  3. Jason

    A 3+3 @95lbs.
    B. 3+18 @ 65
    C. 33 Burpee Pull-ups

    Liked the workout overall, lots of different movements that kept you moving. I wanted to go heaver with the cleans, but I’m still fighting some pain in my hip. Need to do a better job of stretching on the weekends.

  4. Josh

    A.) 3 + 6 – T2B are something I need to work on. I can do them, but only in small sets. I wonder if there’s a movement I can do in the evenings to help build those up? I’m getting annoyed of T2B being a huge bottleneck in any workout that included them.
    B.) 3 +16ish – I feel like I’m getting way better at DUs. Only broke once, but I blame that on extreme fatigue.
    C.) 33 – Held a good pace the whole time. I wasn’t dead at the end, so I feel like I could have gotten closer to 40.
    I like the idea of a multi-part workout with rest time in between sets. It almost felt like an active recovery day – nothing was too impactful, but exhausting for sure! Hopefully this WOD worked off some of that Super Bowl meal 🙂

  5. Elizabeth

    A) 4+11 with yellow KB and 17.5 dumbbell for sit ups.
    B) 2+5 with 20lb ball slams and 90lb dead lifts. Was slightly dizzy so took it slow.
    C) not sure what I was thinking but I didn’t count. I just wanted them over!

  6. Megan

    A. 3+? @ 65
    B. 4+ ? @ 35 k2elblows
    C. 20? Burpee/ jumping pull ups
    What I learned today… I need to work on my oly lifting BIG time and my ability to switch gears with movements.
    Good variety

  7. David Muscarella

    A: 4 reps with yellow kettle and 15lb for situps.
    B: 3 reps with 135lb dead lifts, and 20lb slam ball.
    C: 22 BOBs

  8. Jennifer Brickley

    A. 1 pood, 15 lb weighted sit ups. 6 + 28. Pushups are always the killer
    B. Deadlift 85lb, 15lb slam balls. rough workout, the slams were killer! 4 + 21
    C. 30 BOB

  9. Ryan N

    A. 3+5
    B. 2+10
    C. 33
    DU’s were tough tonight, couldn’t get a rhythm, mostly fatigue. Like others have said, I enjoyed the partitioned WOD.

  10. Nicole Chovan

    It wasn’t a very good day for me today.
    A. 3+11 with KB swings at 1 pood instead of HR push-ups. 105 felt incredibly heavy. Couldn’t do TNG for all 5 reps. Toes to bar were ugly. Sets of 2.
    B. 2+42. Couldn’t string double unders together….Snatches were okay.
    C. 10. Had about 4 misses..Shoulders were shot.

  11. Staci Vinz

    A. 5(or 6)+3. 15 1pd RKBS instead of HRPU. Trying to get my shoulders and triceps recovered for this weekend.
    B. 3+15 not as bad as I was expecting. DU’s felt good as well as snatches,
    C. 8 (didn’t push to hard on these. Didn’t want to waste any reps with a miss, so took my time….maybe to much time, definitely could of gotten a couple more in. Felt good though. Popped right into the catch on everyone. Happy with that!)

    60 GHD’s…glad to have these at CFP HQ FINALLY!!!

  12. Angela

    A. Fitness
    1 pood, 15# weighted sit ups, 10 push ups
    B. Performance
    DU’s & PS @ 55#
    C. 605 meters on skierg
    Still having knee issues so WOD’s have been ala carte to scale.

  13. Paul Bye

    A. 3 rounds + 5 reps, @135# cleans, K2E
    B. 2 rounds + 16 reps, @75# snatches, tuck jumps
    C. 26, jumping pull-up burpees
    Good workout

  14. Susan kian

    95 for hang squat cleans. Did ball slams for ttb. Knee push-ups

    Dumbbell snatches and dubs. They were much better today.

    Burpee pullups lost count but didn’t stop really so that’s what matters.