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CFP HQ will now be offering noon classes for all levels Monday – Friday starting March 31st.  We will also be adding additional FIT classes at 10am and 6:00pm M/W/F at our Strength Facility.  

Need to upgrade your membership?  We’re now offering month to month membership packages for our 3/week and unlimited/week memberships.  Contact us at [email protected] for more information!  

Programming Updates  

After the open, the Performance and Sport programming will be geared towards off season strength and power development.  Each cycle will be between 4 – 6 weeks in length with very specific goals.   Fitness programming will continue to cycle through every 4 weeks with Movement, Functionality, and Strength being the main focus.  

Changes for Sports Programming 

Members following Sports programming will notice that the volume and additional accessory work will be double the normal.  This means that sessions will have to be broken up in two classes or off hours.  Getting an unlimited membership is highly suggest since the time commitment will be incredibly high.  There will always be 4 parts to Sports Programming (A, B, C, D)  

Sample Sports Programming:  

A. Back Squat RPE 5@9 (load drop) 4-6% 

B. EMOM – 12 Min work.  

20-30 Min Recovery – 2nd class   

C. 10 Min AB at @ 90% –  Every 60 Seconds 5 x Box jumps @ 40/30 

D1. Supine Rows – 3 x 10 
D2. V-ups – 3 x 20 
D3. Bulgarian Splits – 3 x 10
D4. Hollow Rocks – 3 x 20 

Note:  Nutrition, supplementation, recovery, sleep will be important for this training.  Eat more! 

Weekly Template starting 3/31/2014

Performance – Sport 

Adaptation Phase

Monday:  Gross Strength Development:  Squats and Pulling  
Tuesday:  Gross Strength Development:  Pressing and Pulling 
Wednesday:  Power Development:  Snatch, Clean&Jerk
Thursday:  Active Recovery/Gymnastic Development:  Learning to move 
Friday:  Gross Strength Development:  Squats and Pulling 
Saturday:  Power Development:  Snatch, Clean&Jerk     

Conditioning will vary day to day.  

Weekly Template starting 3/31/2014 


Monday:  Gross Strength Development:  Squats and Pulling 
Tuesday:  Gross Strength and Function Development  
Wednesday:  Movement and Function 
Thursday:  Active Recovery and Movement  
Friday:  Gross Strength Development and Function  
Saturday:  CrossFit 

Please message me if you have any questions or concerns.  



A.  Back Squats – 5 x 10 w/3 Min Rest @ 30×0  

Notes:  Moderate/Light weight only.  30×0 means 3 second lowering (eccentric phase) on the squat with no pause on the bottom.  Control is key.  

B.  EMOM – 15 Mins 

1 – 20 x Russian Swings 

2 – 12 x Alternating Lunges 

3 – 10 x Ball Slams 


A.  Back Squats – 5 x 5 w/3 Min Rest @ 30×0 

Notes:  Work up to a moderately heavy 5 rep set.  Make sure you journal your loads.  

B.  EMOM – 15 Mins 

1 – 5 x PC (Build) -TNG

2 – 10 x Burpees 

3 – 30 x DU or 30 Seconds of attempts  


A.  Back Squats – 5 x 5 x w/3 Min Rest @ 30×0

B.  3 Rounds AFAP 

8/6 x Muscle-ups 

5 x PC&PJ @ 205lb/125lb 

3 Min Rest between Rounds  

Part 2

C.  EMOM – 15 Mins 

1 – 8 x TNG UB Squat Snatches @ 95lb/65lb  (Build if you can) 

2 – 10 x Burpees  

3 – 30 x DU 


D1.  Supine Ring Rows – 3 x 10 

D2.  V-Ups – 3 x 20 

D3.  Bulgarian Split Squats – 3 x 10 (R/L) Light load 

D4.  Hollow Rocks – 3 x 20 

-Post results under comments  




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12 Responses
  1. Jen

    CFP: back squats: 5×5: 95-115-125-135 and 140×1.
    Performance: PC 55-75#, DU attempts – not great this AM.

  2. Josh Hoekstra

    A.) Done @ 195lbs. That’s 62% of my 1RM – I probably could have gone heaver, but it makes a HUGE difference to adhere to the full 3-sec count. Knowing Matt, we’ll have to do this a few more times and I’ll be expected to go heavier. 🙂
    B.) Done. PC @ 135, 155, 165 and 175. All TNG except the set at 175.

  3. Nicole Chovan

    A. Light, still trying to recover from Saturday. 135
    B. MU felt good- sets of 3’s. 10:15 (1:33-1:23-1:19)
    C. Done. Stayed at 65. 2nd set of snatches I accidentally did 5 power cleans…not sure what i was thinking but then did the rest squat.
    D. Done.

  4. Joel

    I liked this WOD. As Josh stated, adhering to the 3-second rule was a lot tougher than I expected. I liked the different rounds in part B; still suck at burpees and DUs but it was nice to mix it up.

  5. Jennifer Brickley

    Back squats 85 x2, 95, 105, 115
    Performance: Cleans 75 x 2, 85, 95 x 2; for DU got between 8-15 each round. Thanks for letting us practice~!

  6. Marcy

    Good WOD today!
    A. 5×5 = 65; 65; 85; 85; 85 I’m really working on trying to get below parallel. Thanks Cally for all your help & encouragement.
    And Julie …. you were awesome! Lowest I’ve seen you go and good form too! Great partners both of you!
    B. Done! PC @50; REAL burpees (all sets, no stepping up! 🙂 and ball slams.

  7. Crysta P

    A. 85, 105, 115, 125, 125 – wasn’t sure about the 3 seconds down so started a bit light…have to adjust the breathing…
    B. PC (65, 75, 80, 85, 95 – had to break up the 95’s) – these felt pretty good today as did the burpees (which I like a lot better when I don’t have to jump over a bar), DU attempts not so good today particularly the 4th and 5th set

  8. Staci Vinz

    A. 135-145-155-165-175 (these actually felt good today even though legs were sore. Felt like I could of gone heavier.)
    B. 2:15-2:30-2:31 did singles on MU today, wasn’t feel in’ it to string them together.
    C. Done @ 65#
    D. Did 2 sets of v-ups, Bulgarian squats, hollow rocks .

  9. David Muscarella

    A. 5×10 95#, 115#, 115#, 115#, 105#
    B. Green kettle, 20# ball.
    Good workout, my knees ended no worse than when I began.

  10. Paul Bye

    0. 2-minute plank – keep these going, these are good!
    A. 135-145-155-165-175. Really focused on the pause.
    B. Completed – PC @ 115-115-115-115-135, 30s DU attempts, 15 burpees on the last round. Very tired by the last round, great workout.