There are still spots left for the Kettlebell Seminar with RKC instructor Jen Sinkler.  The kettlebell is one of the most efficient tools of the trade when it comes to developing power, stamina, endurance, fat loss, and overall athletic capacity.  Come join us April 28th at CFP from 11am – 4 pm for a great 5 hour work shop.  Click on this LINK to register. 

The PR Challenge will be happening during regular classes this Saturday at 8 am or 10 am . You may make up the PR Challenge WOD if you’re unable to make it during any regular classes either 2 days before or after the Challenge date.  

A.  20 Minutes of skill work 

All evening classes will be learning how to do the RKC Clean technique with RKC instructor Cory Felderman.  

B.  10 rounds AFAP: 

10 x Swings Right Arm 

10 x Swings Left Arm 

10 x Pull-ups (5 x Pull-ups for Intermediate and Novice members) 

The swings are RKC standard kettlebell swings.  Scale reps and rounds if necessary …”Do not compromise form!”

C.  2 x Max Effort Plank holds 

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