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Benefits of Crossfit Kids at Crossfit Progression

By Jen Grenell  

Julie and I have a passion for working with children. We are excited to work with the kids at Crossfit Progression to hopefully set them on the right track in life, thinking that exercise is not only fun, but also an essential part of a healthy life.

The benefits of having a Crossfit program for kids are many.

First of all, there are a variety of physical benefits. As adults that are members of Crossfit Progression, we know that workouts can be tough. They also fit a wide variety of fitness domains. We incorporate a variety of movements from weightlifting to gymnastic movements to create an intense, and awesome workout that gets results. For kids, Crossfit workouts not only get kids moving and sweating, but there are also other neurologic and physiologic benefits of the programming. By getting the kids spinning, rolling, practicing handstands and being upside down, they are beginning to develop and mature neurologic pathways and adaptations. By getting kids jumping, they are adding some impact on their bones, helping them have stronger bones, and hopefully helping them ward off future problems with osteoporosis. The more kids can be exposed to when they are young, the more connections and capacities they develop and retain for the rest of their lives. Think of friends you have who did not play sports growing up (heck, think of Jen), unless they have consciously worked at it as an adult, they are probably still somewhat uncoordinated (yep, that’s Jen, but its getting better!!). On the other hand, people you know who trained regularly in athletics growing up have a capacity to take on new things still as adults and display efficient and effective movement with their bodies.

Secondly, from an emotional standpoint, Julie and I work on life skills with our kids, whether they know it or not. Through the encouragement of giving high fives after a warm up or workout, telling each other that they did a good job, encouraging them to cheer each other on during a workout, we are enhancing sportsmanship. Through partner workouts, and getting the kids to work with different kids, and not just their best friend or sibling, we are working on partnership and leadership. We expect our kids to listen, another important life skill. We intentionally have moments in our class that are more focused and quieter, which allows the child time to work on their self-discipline and self-soothing. Think about how hard it is an adult to go from an intense warm up or workout to focus on a skill that requires focus and concentration. These kids are doing an amazing job at such a young age!

Julie and I have a passion for fitness and are excited to get kids thinking that fitness is a lifestyle. We have seen some kids that were initially not confident in allowing themselves to be silly or let loose in front of a group. This has changed, and silliness is an everyday occurrence in the kids class, definitely helping to cement the idea that fitness is fun! We try to incorporate brief education in our classes as time permits. Research shows that after exercise, the brain is primed to retain information. After an awesome game of “Tornado Tag”, we had a quick lesson on what to do in the event of severe weather. We have also have begun to talk about healthy eating through a rousing game of “Chicken vs. Candy”, and regularly incorporate water breaks in our workouts. It seems intuitive for many of us to drink water. However, in the American diet, the consumption of sugary juices and sodas is all too abundant. How sad to think that for some kids, water during their workout may be the only water they get in a given day.

Julie and I are confident that if children grow up associating exercise with being something enjoyable and clearly seeing the benefits to their bodies and health, then they are more likely to keep fitness as a priority throughout their lives. At Crossfit Progression, we offer kids classes at the same time as the adult programming. This is a well thought out scheme… Maybe when you bring your children to check out a CrossFit class, you might check one out yourself, too. Sharing a love for fitness can be not only a time for your family to bond, but also ensures you more happy healthy years together.

Hope to see you all soon at Crossfit Progression!!!

A.  5 Minutes Max Effort Seated Box Jump 

B.  Front Squat – 5 x 3 w/2 Minute Rest 

C.  AFAP: 

800M Run 

Followed by 5 Rounds:  

15 x Box jumps 24inch/20inch 

5 x Heavy Front Squats 

800M Run 

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9 Responses
  1. Shawn

    49in. max seated box jump
    F. Squat 135, 185, 205, 225, 245 (x3)
    WOD: 13:06 @ 185#
    It was good to hit the legs today and get some running in, pick the right weight and feel the burn.
    TRY FOR UNBROKEN sets in everything!!!

  2. Jess L

    Seated box jump 30 inches
    Front squat 65/85/95/105/110
    WOD 15:22 @ 70#…. did box jumps for the first time since my stress fracture…..:)

  3. jen

    Bench: 5×3: 55, 65, 75, 75, 75 – thanks for benching with me Steve! Previous PR was 70, and I got 3 sets of 75×3. Being injured has some benefits?
    WOD: 800m row, 5x 15 ball slams and 5 benches at 55#, then 800m row: 15:55.