Monday 05272013

SEAL Lt. Michael P Murphy.
SEAL Lt. Michael P Murphy.


w/20lb vest 

1 Mile Run 

100 x Pull-ups 

200 x Push-ups 

300 x Squats 

1 Mile Run 

Partition the reps anyway you want 

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8 Responses
  1. Jim

    56:38 no vest. Runs and squats done w/8lbs sledgehammer. Pullups, pushups, & squats done as written not partitioned

  2. Cally

    47:53 – can’t believe I finished the whole thing…It was really fun!! Bet I’m sore tomorrow! 1600m row instead of run

  3. Staci Vinz

    47:22 (rowing and not vest). Pretty sure this is the first time I have done this one with “real” push-ups the whole time!!! GREAT WOD, GREAT COMMUNITY….GO CFP!!!! Thanks to all the coaches at CFP for putting on another great event!