Monday 06112012

Congratulations to everyone who participated in Trinona this past weekend!

A.  CrossFit Total 

3 Attempts for the following lifts 

Back Squat 

Shoulder Press 


Score equals the total for all three lifts.  We’ll be starting a 4 week / 3 days a week squat cycle starting next Monday.  



Wallballs @ 20lb/14lb  


-Post results under comments  

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20 Responses
  1. Nate

    Total: 805. PR’d the first two lifts, then really crapped the bed on the DLs. Was hoping for ~850

    WOD: 3:38 Rx

  2. Jessica

    Crossfit total was 460. 10, 10, and a 20lb PR’s! 🙂
    WOD: 5:33 Rx that could use some improvement felt like I was a snail!

  3. Jim Sorum

    Total 605 squats & deadlifts were a disaster so down 50lbs
    WOD 4:19 w/Jorge on my heels the whole time

  4. jen

    knee is getting better, so worked on form for the back squat
    deadlift- went easy on pulling stuff off the ground – 145
    Shoulder press- tied PR- 60#
    WOD: 21-15-9, calorie row and 20# ball slams- 6:46
    felt good to squat!

  5. Cally Vinz

    total 385 all PR’s, I didn’t really know what I could like. Shocked at the 185 deadlift! Weight lifting is fun! WOD had to do situps instead of wall balls, knee is sore.

  6. Jen Brickley

    400 total. 145 back squat, (up 20#); 70 shoulder (up 5#), 185 deadlift (up 5#)
    WOD: 6:03, legs felt like jelly!

  7. Staci

    CFT: 545# (No 1 rep PR’s, but 60# PR on the total)
    WOD: 4:26 RX (14# wallballs seem much easier after doing 20# last week!, got to love the mental game!!)
    100 GHD sit-ups

  8. D Train

    CF Total 365 (I think I tied previous PRs) Especially happy about the DL as that was a year ago.
    WOD 5:17 (10# ball)

  9. A. CrossFit Total = 507
    PRed on all 3:
    BS 195 (by 25)
    SP 87 (by 17)
    DL 225 (by 30)

    B. WOD 5:08 (14# WB)
    Back on 10/27/11, 10 days after starting CF, I got 8:58.
    It’s great to keep track and be able to see improvement!