Monday 06252012

Sports Expo at Mayo Civic Center

Your daily dose of Testosterone…this is almost 500lb… 


-There will only be an 8 am class this Saturday due to the California Strength seminar starting at 10 am.  

Inov8 shoe order will be placed at the end of this week.  If anyone is interested in a new pair of Inov8s, sign-up sheet is located in the CFP store.  

A.  Back Squat – 3 x 10 @ 70% w/2 Min Rest 



OHS @ 135lb/95lb 


C1.  Back Extensions – 3 x 10 w/30 Sec Rest 

C2.  Divers – 3 x 20 w/30 Sec Rest 

-Post results under comments  

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19 Responses
  1. Julie Scudamore

    I know it sounds small…but it was big for me! Today i actually did a correct burpie! I didn’t have to go down on one knee at a time to get to the floor, i was totally surprised and my motivation just jumped 50 points.
    Thank-you all for you patient and great instruction. Julie

  2. Jim Sorum

    Back squats were off only did 3 sets of how ever many reps felt comfortable
    WOD: 8:13 @95lbs didn’t exactly push it

  3. jen

    Nice job Julie Scudamore on your burpee today- awesome!!! Today was the first squatting workout I have done since March. It feels so good to squat without pain! I went light, and will ease back into it. 3×10 BS at 45#, 21-15-9: OHS at 15# and Toes to bar: 6:48, 3x 20: divers and banded good mornings (green band). Good stuff. Happy Monday!

  4. jgrenell

    BS 3×10 at 115
    WOD 8:26 at 65.

    Good to be back CFing. But man put a little wt on me and I am toast!

  5. todd J

    BS 3 x 10 at 145
    WOD 7:18 at 95 doing back squat instead of OHS
    T2B was the limiting factor felt like a good WOD harder than it looks.

  6. Steve Vinz

    A. BS – 3X10 at 145 lbs.
    B. OHS at 45 lbs (back / balance issues). T2B –
    Finally success. Not pretty, but I was able to do them….felt great – 8:29.
    C. Divers – 3X20.
    Workout went better than I thought it was going to.

  7. Bob

    BS 155#
    WOD 6:40 at 45lbs, terrible flexibility on the OHS needs improvement.
    DIvers and Banded Good mornings