Monday 07022012


Due to the holidays there will only be one class this Wednesday at 8 am, be prepared for a fun 4th of July workout!  

A.  Back Squats – 3 x 10 @ 73% w/2 Min Rest 

B.  Single Leg Box Jumps – 3 x 5 (R/L) w/60 Sec Rest 

C.  5 Rounds AFAP 

25 x Double unders 

200M x Run 

D.  Banded Good Mornings – 1 x 40-50  

-Post results under comments  


-Post results under comments

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13 Responses
  1. Jim Sorum

    A. hip was tight so only did a few sets of a few reps at 135
    B. single leg box jumps went well. Left was better than right
    C. 6:41

  2. Cally Vinz

    WOD: 10:41 – singles (guess I gotta just commit to doubleunders only and struggle so I can get them). Back squats at 95# 3×10, these are getting easier.

  3. Rach H

    BS: 3×10 @ 145 (75% roughly)
    wod: 8:15 rx (off and on with DU’s, had then perfect 1st round, then 2nd was iffy and down hill from there) 🙁
    need to work on these again..

  4. Steve Vinz

    A. BS — 3×10@150 lbs.
    B. Box Jumps — this was a challenge. Right leg better than left leg.
    C. WOD — 9:05 (had to do singles), still working on my doubles.

  5. John Colbert

    BS : 125#
    Box Jumps : single leg were challenging, I think I did around 16 “.
    WOD : 10:05 with SUs.

  6. DK

    Back squats 85#
    Single leg box jumps 45# plate, then 45/25# then 45/45 stacked These scared me. =)
    WOD Singles 10:19 and ditto what Alex said, the heat was brutal!