Monday 08122013


Fitness – Performance 

A.  Take 20 Minutes to establish a Max Effort Snatch 

B.  11.4 Open WOD 

10 Min AMRAP 

60 x Bar Facing Burpees (Laterals are ok as well) 

30 x OHS @ 120lb/90lb 

10 x Muscle-ups or 30 x Pull-ups 


A.  Establish the heaviest UB set of TNG Snatches x 10 

B.  11.4 Open WOD 

10 Min AMRAP 

60 x Bar Facing Burpees 

30 x OHS @ 120lb/90lb 

10 x Muscle-ups 

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25 Responses
  1. Angela

    A. Snatch 100# (attempted numerous times & 2nd attempt was the best of the 5).
    B. 120 reps…85# overhead squat. After overheads, I saw the #10 on the board & went with it for pull-ups not realizing that was for muscle ups! But I did get 10 unassisted pull-ups! Then went into 20 burpees.

  2. Sara J

    A. 105 (5lb PR)!!!! – Feeling like I could have hit 110 if it wasn’t 5:30 in the morning!!! Maybe later this week I’ll try again
    B. 95 reps @ 80lb OHS

    1. Sara Jech

      Feeling extra motivated today!!!!
      Afternoon KB WOD
      TGU L/R
      5 Sntach R/L
      TGU L/R
      6 Sntach R/L
      TGU L/R
      7 Sntach R/L
      TGU L/R
      8 Sntach R/L
      TGU L/R
      9 Sntach R/L
      TGU L/R
      10 Sntach R/L
      @ 35lbs

      10 Rounds @ 45lbs (It’s the heaviest bell I have)
      10 Russian Swings
      5 Goblet Squats
      w/25 Ab mat sit ups OR 25 Hollow Rocks OR 20 Knees to Elbow OR 25 Leg lifts between each round!!!!

  3. Brandon

    A: 150 (+15Pr!!!) been stuck for a year. Was really feeling good today. Hit 140,145,150.
    B: 90@95. Attempted 1 muscle up and missed as time ran out. Wasn’t able to get into false grip in time but I went for it anyway.

  4. Erik F

    A. tried 150 for snatch but missed, my lifts were feeling solid, hit 135 and 140 and felt great
    B. scaled workout down to 75 pounds on OHS because of back tightness, accomplished 121 reps

  5. Cally

    A. 75# PR by 10#
    B. 110 at 35# (still working on getting my shoulder flexibility – getting better, shoulders not sore)

  6. Steve Vinz

    A. 125lb snatch….not feeling it today. Terrible form!!!! I’ve gotta lot of work to do.
    B. 115 reps @ 85lbs.

  7. Susan Kian

    Snatched up to 120 with my new hook grip which i am learning is kinda awesome. Still trying to focus on technique till its perfected. Worked on tng at 105 and then at the end went lighter to 85 to get the feel.

    Wod: got thru the overhead squats but ran out of time to try the muscle up. Did 95 for ohs weight….spicy!

    Did one muscle up at the end for fun.

    Pull up dip sequence

    Hamstring exercises and a few ghds

  8. Sara G

    A. 65# – 25# PR
    B. 78 – lateral bar burpees, 35# OHS

    It felt sooooooo good to get a PR on the snatch today!

  9. Sara R.

    A. no PR today for me. just worked with 65#
    B. 84 (did 10 OHS @ 55# and then went down to just the bar for the rest)

  10. Holly T

    A. I had a 25# PR @ 115!! I added wrong so I thought I only had 105#!! Felt good today abs my form is finally getting better!

    B. 100 reps with 65# OHS. OHS are still not easy for me but getting better.

  11. Staci Vinz

    A. No PR today worked up to trying for a new PR of 145#, but kept missing. Pulls felt awesome, but couldn’t stay back on my heels.
    B. 90 Rx (couldn’t get a MU today in the WOD, but made myself get one after so that I still knew I could).
    60 GHD’s

  12. Paul Bye

    A. 150#, 5# PR – so close on 155. But more importantly, I think I have lost the “fear” of getting under the bar – thanks Shawn for the good coaching!
    B. 97

  13. JennF

    A. 100# … got 105#, but it was U-G-L-Y so, I really cannot count, I caught almost standing up, and pressed out, No REP… Gotta work on the hip extension.
    B. 88 reps @ RX…. heavy… but I liked it. Worked on my kipping Pull up with blue band after… another technique with hip extension problem, still an ongoing theme here.

    Almost stayed home today… glad I didn’t… Coach Jerome was a great motivator, even in his quiet, smiley way!!… and of course Nic from the sidelines piping in, always appreciated!

  14. Carlos

    So 165 lbs snatch PR which is a big deal really…..practice, practice, practice….goal 200 lbs….before december? ambition? and then 11.4 beat me with a baseball bat….those OHS are terrible. I was able to muster 1 measly muscle on the last 10 seconds once done with them…and time up….boooo…..

  15. Ben

    1.)145, 10# PR, finally!
    2.) 87 reps, tough mentally to get those ohs after them damn burpees. Good training though.