Monday 08202012

CrossFit Kids!

This week is going to be a de-loading and recovery week. We will be spending extra time on Mobility each day. Along with that, the WODs will be less intense and lighter in both weight and duration. This is a much needed opportunity to let your body rest and recover while still getting to workout. What this does not mean is to come in twice as many times, or to go out and do a bunch of extra work on your own.

Sunday Mobility Class!!

There’s been some confusion with the additional mobility and Kettlebell classes at CFP.  To clarify a few things: 

-The Kettlebell, CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, and Mobility classes are  all 20 dollars to drop-in for members and non members if it isn’t covered by your membership.  

-You may choose to attend any of the above classes as part of your membership at CFP as long as it’s covered by your membership package.  (Basic – 1/week, Bronze – 2/week, Silver – 3/week, Gold – 4/week, Platinum – unlimited)  

-Any additional classes above your membership maybe charged to your account as a drop in, please note any extra drop-ins in the charge       sheet by the CFP retail.  

-Upgrades to your membership maybe made at anytime, just simply contact Josh or Matt.  

A.  EMOM for 10 Minutes 

1 – Snatch Pull + 1 – Power Snatch + 1 – Snatch + 1 – Overhead Squat @ NO MORE THEN 65% of your 1 rep max  

Snatch PullDemo Video  – Focus on staying on your heels as long as you can past the 1st pull  

Power SnatchDemo-Video 

This sequence shouldn’t take more then 20-30 seconds/round.  If it takes you more then 40 seconds think about scaling the weight back down.  

B.  With a partner complete:  

8 Rounds 

10 x Power Swings (HEAVY) 

100M Row 

This is a “you go I go” workout.  Both partners should each complete 8 rounds of swings and rowing.  

C.  Mobility  

-Post results under comments  

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9 Responses
  1. Staci

    WOD: 17:02 (2pood) with my hard working gal Cally!!
    This one had a major suck factor for me, cluldn’t breath very well. Happy with 80 swings @ a 2 pood!!

  2. Rach H

    snatch EMOM – done w/ white pd KB
    WOD: done w/ Megan as partner,
    1.5pd & only right arm for rowing and pd. (Damn forearm is super sore now!)

  3. Josh

    WOD 17:30(ish) with Mr. Vinz 🙂
    Used red KB first five rounds, finished yellow.
    Snatch EMOM @ 95lbs. May need to invest in straps. Right wrist hurts while doing more than three or four snatches. This is probably from years of my popping it.