Another great Halloween workout at CFP!

If you’re interested in trying out our program at CFP, we’re offering scheduled group intros every week.  Our next one is this Wednesday at 5:30 pm and Saturday November 3rd at 11am.   Contact Matt at to reserve your spot!  

A.  Take 20 Minutes to Practice or Establish a new 1 Rep Max Clean&Jerk



Kettlebell Swings @ 1.5 pood/1 pood (American or Russian)  

Lateral Jumps 24inch/20inch (1 Jump = 1 rep)

C.  Perform the following without any rest:   

1 Min of Lying Leg Raises 

1 Min of Russian Twists 20lb/14lb 

1 Min of Sit-ups 

1 Min Plank 

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