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Starting January 7th CFP will be incorporating a new program template for CrossFit classes to better meet the needs and goals for our members. This new program template is designed to challenge everyone from the 20 something athlete to the 40 year old soccer mom to ensure that all leveled members are achieving their fitness goals without excluding or alienating themselves from the CFP community.  

Group Coaching 1 Fitness

What is the new program template?  

CFP will be offering 3 levels of programming daily, they are:  Fitness, Performance, and Sport. 

The 3 levels of programming will allow members to approach their training specifically to their abilities.  Building their foundation by using the Fitness level programming, mastering the fundamentals through Performance, and challenging themselves through Sport.  

“Fitness” – To establish a strong base in body weight movements and barbell lifts, the “Fitness” program is ideal for the newer CFP members with 3 months of experience or less.  The focus is on movement quality rather than intensity, but the workouts will still garner respect and will challenge anyone from the newer members to veterans.

Group Coaching 2

“Performance” – The “Performance” program brings a higher degree of barbell lifts and movements than the “Fitness” program.  The degree of intensity and complexity is suited for CFP members with 3-6 months of experience or more.  Progression and scaling is advised to anyone following the “Performance” program to establish proficiency with all the barbell and bodyweight movements.  This program is for members looking for a higher but manageable degree of difficulty at CFP.  

Programming Pic 3

“Sport” – For the advance level members with 1 + years of CrossFitting.  The “Sports” program is intended for members training for the sport of CrossFit.  Like any sport, CrossFit demands a higher level of skills and fitness level that must be achieved through training.  Volume is higher, degree of difficulty of movements, complexes, workouts, and weights will be higher.  Members training in the “Sports” program should be able to Rx all weights and movements with little to no scaling.  Sports Programming – 3 – Phases 

-Will the class structure be different?  -Classes will run the same as before.  

-What about the Kettlebell and Olympic Lifting classes?  -The Kettlebell and Olympic Lifting classes have their own programming that is separate from CrossFit classes at CFP.  If you’re planning on attending the Kettlebell or Olympic Lifting classes, be cautious with your volume and overtraining.  It is advised to all members following the “Sports” programming to use the Olympic Lifting classes for technique work only.  

-What’s the “Optional Accessory work”?  -Optional Accessory work is intended for members following the “Sports” programming but is open to all levels.  Optional Accessory work is intended to be done after the completion of class and should be done without interfering any other classes going on.  Accessory work may consist of extra strength, conditioning, and skill work that cannot be completed during a regular hour class session.  

-Will the conditioning be different?  -Conditioning workouts for all levels will be structured the same.  The weights, movements, goals will differ to a degree.  

-I’m feeling beat up from the “Sports” programming, what gives?  -“Adapt or die”  Training for sport of CrossFit isn’t a walk in the park.   The first two weeks of training in the “Sports” programming will test your resilience and ability to adapt to the training.  Stick with the programming and you’ll see tremendous gains.  

-Can I scale the weights in the “Sports” programming?  -No  

-What are the expectations?  -Show up slightly ahead of schedule so you have some time to work on any mobility issues.  Classes are and always will be an hour long, make sure you’re not late!  

-I need some extra practice with my barbell lifts.  -Use the beginner Olympic Lifting classes on Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm to hone your Olympic lifts. 

This is a big change at CFP, and I’m hoping that all of you will benefit greatly from it.  Please help me out by posting your results and progress on the CFP WOD blog.  Journaling your progress and weights used will also help you see your progress.  Email me or post any questions or concerns you may have about the change in the program.  


Monday 12312012

A.  Snatch – 5 x 2 w/2 Min Rest 



Hang Power Snatch @ 95lb/65lb

Pull-ups (Adv-Bar Muscle-ups – 3 – 6 – 9) 

-Post results under comments



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17 Responses
  1. Nate

    EMOM for 30 minutes w/ a 55# kettlebell.

    1st minute: 10 American swings.
    2nd minute: 6 one armed push press (3/3)
    3rd minute: 10 goblet squats.

    I’m starting to hate this f*ing kettlebell.

  2. Ashley

    A. 35, 45, 45, 50, 55
    B. 10:35 @ 40 pounds… still struggling with how much weight to do during WOD’s. The last set was rough.

  3. Katina Austin

    WOD 11:56 started at 65# had to drop down to 55 # was having left hip trouble.
    This workout for me sucked.. Was one of the hardest so far.. But one bad workout will not stop me..