Saturday 03012014

Competitor Sports Class Structure 

During the open, the first hour of CFP’s Competitor Sports Class will be dedicated to all athletes competing in the CrossFit Open.  The remainder of the class period will be dedicated to skill work and strength for all levels.  Skill and strength work will be adjusted accordingly to the Open workouts.  

The Competitor Sports class is geared towards anyone interested in competing in CrossFit style events or just wanting the extra challenge of training like an “athlete”.  

Oldie but a goodie
Oldie but a goodie

All levels

A.  20 Min AMRAP

300M Row

20 x Pistols

15 x HSPU

10 x T2B

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1 Response
  1. Megan

    this was a good WOD I did all the HSPU for 4 rounds!
    I was pleased with this:)
    Got 1 actual T2B instead of somewhere near the bar!