Your Real Self


Many of us take time daily to work on our bodies in a physical manner. As a person in the fitness industry for the past 5 years I think people are more active than ever and it’s amazing! But from time to time I think it’s good to check yourself and make sure that you are working on your real self; the stuff that makes you, you. Just like mobility and quoting awesome movies with co-workers, it is something best done daily.

Take a moment from working on your double unders, Olympic lifts, Squats (just kidding), and checking in the mirror looking for abs to ask one simple question: “Would you want to hang out with yourself?”. Pretend that you were able to buy in 100% that looks, money, material wealth, body weight, dress/pants size, other peoples opinions, all  meant nothing. Would you like yourself enough where you could say you love yourself for you?

If your answer was yes, congratulations. Go start your own blog and tell us how it’s done. If your answer is no, don’t panic; it’s pretty normal. Like anything in life you have to focus on your weaknesses. After finding your weaknesses negative self talk is only allowed for 5 minutes. I don’t have any scientific data but, I’m pretty sure 5 minutes is legit. It’s time to start being exactly who you want to be. Like goal setting go big on this one, and be specific. Develop a concrete image in your mind. Now every time you have a crap day or don’t think life is bearable anymore remember who you are becoming, you are becoming that concrete image. If your image involved being a tough guy or gal, remember tough guys and gals don’t quit when the going gets rough, they get tougher. If you imagined being knowledgeable read more often (not about werewolves or shiny vampires). You must become your image don’t pick a lame one, be awesome.

Like all things in life this is a continuous process one of which I am certain I am still working on. You will know you are starting to make progress when you start to feel more comfortable around people. You might experience thoughts like waving people the bird when they talk negative about your lifestyle or things you enjoy doing. A HUGE sign of progress is when you start to feel comfortable by yourself when you are left alone to your own thoughts. Often times we end up being our own worse enemies, being intimidated by mirrors, scales, and small underwear. Love yourself or don’t expect anyone else too.

See you soon,

Coach Nic


Nicholas Scudamore

CF- Progression Head Weightlifting coach

USAW Level 1 club coach

Crossfit Level 1 trainer


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