“The Thin Within”




How do you think your body looks like on the inside? So many of us are so concerned with how our bodies look on the outside that we forget to take care of the inside. Of course exercise is causing the inside of our bodies to be healthier, but are we really taking the time to perform all what is necessary to take care of the inside of our bodies?


There are a lot of things that we need to consider when starting to take care of the inside of our bodies. The first one is obvious, diet. In order to be healthy internally we need to make sure what we are feeding ourselves is nutritious. You must eat a healthy diet in order to take care of the outside of your body just like the inside. Just because you get a PR Snatch every other week does not mean you can eat Taco Bell every night.


Another thing we must consider as athletes who want to take care of the inside of our bodies is stretching and mobilization. All of those tweaks and minor pains can be lessened or even eliminated if we just take the time to stretch our muscles and mobilize our joints. By exercising, lifting heavy weights and moving around in life, we are constantly asking our muscles, tissues, joints and bones to adapt. These adaptations can be good and bad. By stretching and mobilization we can ensure that these tissues move, grow and adapt in a healthier manner from the inside out.


The other major thing we need to have to take care of the inside of our bodies is rest. If you do not allow your body to rest and recover you will start to experience breakdown, illness, and possibly more internal body fat. Some studies showed that people who had more hours of sleep at night had less visceral fat.


You are only in the CFP gym for one hour, getting stronger, faster, healthier through exercise and weight training. What you do with the rest of those 23 hours matters, not only to what you look like on the outside but more importantly on the inside. Train hard, eat right, stretch and mobilize, sleep and repeat.

Coach Juli




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