Thursday 02272014

 I did not train for the Open. However, the Open is part of my training.


Coach Roo  

I’m guessing only a small handful of members specifically trained to compete in the CrossFit Games Open this year. The rest of us….. not so much. I totally respect those that put in the hours upon hours to try and rise to the top of the leaderboards, but I am not one of those people. I did not train for the Open. I do not plan on going to Regionals. However, I still registered for the Open because I see it as a training opportunity that I shouldn’t pass up.

There’s this thing called life, that for majority of us, occurs mostly outside the walls of the gym. As cheesy as it sounds, that is what I am training for. Training inside the gym allows you to experience as many things as possible when you walk back out that door. Training inside the gym allows you to take on challenges that cross your path in your daily activities. Training inside the gym allows for a better life when you step outside those walls.

The Open is an opportunity to take that training up a notch. To test yourself, and push yourself just a little harder, with the support of everybody around you. If you’re not signing up simply because you don’t think you’re ready, then here’s a newsflash for ya. Neither are most of us doing it. If you’re waiting until you’re “ready”, you may be missing a very key point. While it’s fun to see how everybody stacks up with each other, the most important aspect to the Open in my mind is the opportunity to throwdown and compete with yourself. The opportunity to practice taking on challenges in an environment where people would rather see you try and fail, than not try at all. The opportunity to become better walking out of the gym than when you walked in. These are the reasons I invite and encourage people to participate in the Open. Not because of how I expect them to do in the Open, but because the Open is really good practice for when we take on life outside the gym.



All Levels

At Recovery Pace

A.  3 Sets

10 x Russian Swings

10 x Squats

5 x Strict Pull-ups

10 x Push-ups

5 x Bar Taps

3 x Wall Climbs

B.  (Option 1) 5 Sets 

300M Row

90 Sec Rest after each set

B.  (Option 2) 

20 Min Row Z1-Z2 pace  

-Post results under comments  

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5 Responses
  1. Jessi A

    Great write-up, Roo!
    A. did everything (though some of it was scaled) except the last wall climb. The second to last wall climb was rocky at best. That last one just didn’t feel safe.
    B. Option 3
    5min row @ 21-22 pace
    5min AB easy to moderate
    5min row @ 21-22 pace
    5min AB easy to moderate

  2. Paul Bye

    A. Completed – green banded strict pull-ups, 1.5 pood KB. Wall walks still hard.
    B. 20 minute row – ~ 4300m. Was aiming for between 4000 and 4500 so that was just about right.

  3. Naveen

    Rowing was good & for the first time i liked it. In 20 minutes I rowed 4350 m which was my highest. I never thought that I would be able to go beyond 2000m.
    I was able to row better because I wasn’t looking much at the time left :-p & also I didn’t saw the amount of rowing that I did. During my entire rowing period, I was continuously talking which helped me mentally to row more without knowing myself.
    Initially when I saw 20 minutes of rowing, I just thought to give it a shot. First 1000 meters I rowed faster, then I realized that I am exhausting myself then I slowed my pace which in turn helped me to row more. Now I am ready to go for an hour. Bring it on CFP 😀