Thursday 04192012

Laura 1 year ago

A.  15 Minutes of Stone Work 

B.  EMOM  for 10 Minutes 

3 x Ground to Shoulder Atlas Stones (Go HEAVY) 

C.  Death By 10 Meters <->

On minute perform 1 x 10M Run, 2nd minute 2 x 10M Run, 3rd minute 3 x 10M Run….

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9 Responses
  1. Cally Vinz

    Stones for the first time, only did 42lbs but got the technique down through 10 rounds. Couldn’t get the 70 lb one to my shoulder. Death by 10 meters, finished 15 rounds. Felt good to get back to the gym!

  2. Todd J

    First tiem with Stones doing the 8 in a minute was tough but I idid it and felt great nice idea Matt.
    Death by 10 meters completed 8 rounds or 16 ten meters. a bit sore this morning.

  3. Jer

    Stones 116# with some of Kit’s additions
    10 rounds of sprints
    Back is a little sore, but not hurt
    Good workout

  4. Staci

    Snatch (55-65-75-85-95)
    WOD: 16:06 85# snatch, was determined not to do knee push-ups!!
    100 GHD sit-ups