Thursday 08222013

The Truth about Grains! Why They Make You Sick?

In the past I used to write a lot about grains- why the best thing you could do for your health, is quit eating them and how in reality everything that you hear on a daily basis about “the health benefits” of eating grains is totally wrong.

Lately, I receive a lot of messages from people, who tell me how I am wrong about grains. Obviously all of them have one favorite argument- “how people have survived for thousand years, eating mainly grains”; “how my grandma or my great grandma ate mainly grain products, but they are healthier, than people nowadays and so forth.”

And tell you the truth, you are right- about the fact that my grandma and my great grandma ate grains and they are still healthy. Actually, my great grandma was 90 years old, when she used to do a couple sets of push-ups on the window parapet, every single morning. And she definitely loved eating grains and bread…… Read the entire article here.  


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A.  4 Sets NFT 

3/3 x TGU 

10/10 x Weighted Lunges 

1 Min Plank Hold 

B.  800m Sled Push High Handles w/Partner 

Alternate as needed 


A.  4 Sets NFT 

3/3 x TGU 

10 x Kettlebell Front Rack Squats 

2 Second Pause on the bottom for each squat 

1 Min Plank hold 

B.  1600M Sled PUsh High Handles w/Partner 

Alternate as needed 


A.  10K Row 

B.  Mobility 

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7 Responses
  1. Paul Bye

    A. Done – KB squats harder than I thought.
    B. Sled pushes w/ Patrick – 2000m (Matt told us we needed an extra round)