Friday 11012013


No normal classes this Saturday due to the WLC starting at 9am.

Matt Nold
Matt Nold


A.  Every 75 Secs for 5 Sets

5 x Deadlifts 


3/3 x Kettlebell Presses



500M Row

21 – 15 – 9

HR Push-ups 

Heavy Russian Swings

5 Min Rest

40 x Heavy Goblet Squats AFAP


A.  Every 75 Secs for 5 Sets

1 x Power Clean + 1 x Hang Power Clean + Split Jerk 

B.  Power Elizabeth 

21 – 15 – 9 

Power Cleans @ 135lb/95lb 


5 Min Rest 

30 x Front Squats AFAP @ 135lb/95lb (Start from the ground) 


A.  Every 75 Secs for 5 Sets 

3 x TNG Squat Cleans 

B.  Power Elizabeth 

21 – 15 – 9 

Power Cleans @ 135lb/95lb 


5 Min Rest 

20 x Front Squats AFAP @ 225lb/155lb (From the Rack) 

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15 Responses
  1. Sara Jech

    A. 3 TNG Squat Cleans @ 95lbs
    B. Cleans @ 65lbs
    HR Push ups….
    Body sore and tired….. Went a bit lighter

    C. Done.. Not sure how long… 3×10 @ 95lbs

  2. Cyndi

    Been sick :/. But got some sweat in at 10am.
    A. Took easy 105-105-115-115-125
    B. power elizabeth 4:58. PR 🙂
    C. Front squats at 95, 2 sets (20 reps, 10 reps)

  3. Nicole Chovan

    A. 3 TNG Squat Cleans at 135. Probably could have gone heavier but was a little worried about the workout.
    B. Power Elizabeth 7:58 Rx. 2:36 PR (last time I used the matadors!) Pretty pumped about that although my ring dips need some serious work! I didn’t get NEAR as frustrated this time around 🙂
    C. Front Squats at 155. Tried to do sets of 10, however it ended up being 8-4-4-4.

    GREAT 10am class! 🙂 Nice work friends!

  4. Jessi A

    A. 85-90-90-90-90 (wanted to progressively go up on my weight, but couldn’t maintain good form-was trying to go from position 1 since that needs the most work)
    B.8:13 @ 75# w/ HR Kneeling Push-ups
    C.65# don’t know how many reps/sets, but I do know it took 3:09

  5. Crysta P

    A. 75, 75, 75, 85, 85 – felt pretty good form wise, worked on trusting left knee (surgery knee) to go back further
    B. Power Elizabeth – 5:55 – Power Cleans @ 65lb, HR push-ups (grip killed me on this…couldn’t hang on the bar by the end)
    Front Squats @65lb (not sure why front squats seem so much harder than back squats…)

  6. Cally

    A: 75#
    B: 7:06 (75#, HR push-ups)
    C: 75# backsquats (finished before cap – forgot time)
    Thanks Matt for having more faith in me than I had in myself! Can’t believe I did the whole workout at 75#.

  7. Susan Kian

    Tng squat cleans 95-115
    Muscle ups in between.
    Elizabeth. . Since I do all dips strict this workout is usually slow and miserable. last time according to my book it was 8:15? and I did it in sets of 3-5 for the dips.
    This time it was like 12 minutes or something so yeah ….great. I feel like I can barely lift myself in one dip. I got stuck at the end.
    Front squats did 3-4 at Rx weight and felt like it was too much strain if I accidentally leaned forward so I reduced to 125 and that was fine. My abs are not able to stabilize like normal so I’m just trying to do things safely so I don’t injure myself.

  8. Laura S

    A. 70-75-80-85-90
    B. 8:00 @ 75 w/ HR Pushups (mixture of regular and knees)
    C. Front squats @ 75 dont remember the time. did sets of 5.
    **Thanks for pushing me today Julie. Definitely would have not gone that heavy otherwise.

  9. Ryan N

    A. 115, 115, 135, 135, 135
    B. 8:42 Rx Bar Dips
    C. 115

    Thanks to all of the coaches tonight for all of the tips on improving my form and technique, and most of all the support at the end of my front squats, pretty sure I blacked out for a second or two at 29:)

  10. Staci Vinz

    A. 125-135-140-145-150
    B. 21-15-9
    PC & 95#
    T2B (wanted to save my arms for WLC WOD).
    C. FS @ 155#

  11. Paul Bye

    A0. Box Jump Max – 33″ (attempted 34 but not quite there tonight)
    A. 115-115-135-135-135. Still working on hitting position 2 more consistently
    B. Power Elizabeth – 14:30 total (7:20 + 5 minute rest + 2:10), @95# cleans, bar/matador unassisted dips, @95# front squats
    Fun to be at 6:30 class for a change – great example of how CrossFit is far more motivating than “going to the gym” used to be – got home from a work trip at 5:30 tonight, in the old gym days I would have used that as an excuse to just stay home, tonight I was worried about getting home soon enough to make it to the last class because I didn’t want to miss it! Good stuff

  12. Keith G

    A: 155# DL, 16# KB
    B: 15:24 – failed the pushups, had to go to my knees. My arms were just dead. squats with 20Kg KB