Thursday 12052013


Save the Date – Holiday Hoedown December 14th!!!   Starts at 7pm – 10pm.   

Rob and Kit…old school picture
Rob and Kit…old school picture

Fitness – Performance – Sport

A.  5 Rounds @ 70%-80%

300m Row (Keep the SPM at 25 – 35)  

3 x Wallwalks

10 x Bar Taps

20 x Russian Swings

Note:  70%-80% effort means hard but not maximal effort.  Focus on the following:  

  • Proper rowing mechanics (Fluid Strong Pulls, Shoulders Packed Back,  Pulling vs Pushing..Pulling is always stronger…E.g.. Deadlift vs Back Squat)  
  • Correct Handstand positioning (Head neutral, active shoulders, correct T-spine and Lumbar curve)  
  • Bar Taps (Midline stabilization..aka Hollow Rocks, active shoulders and control)  
  • Russian Swings (Hinge vs Squat pattern, packed vs unpacked shoulders, Finish position)  

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