Thursday 12192013


CFP will be closed December 24th, 25th, and January 1st.  We will also be having a skeleton schedule starting December 23rd through the New Years.  Please check the schedule for all the updates! 

SAVE THE DATE!!!  Please join us for the official CFP Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday January 4th starting at 12 pm –  4 pm.  There will be catering from Johnny Mango, Meat Raffle to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club, and guest speakers and games throughout the festivities.  Friends and family are welcome, we look forward to seeing all of you there!

Marcy and John
Marcy and John

Fitness – Performance – Sport 

A.  10 Min AMRAP TGU (Slow and controlled) 

B.  20 Min AMRAP 

500M Row @ 70% Effort  

12 x Deadlifts @ 155lb/105lb or @ 65% 

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4 Responses
  1. Sara J

    A. was able to stand up a 1.5 pood on the 3rd try but dropped it before I could get all the way down. definitely going to start doing more of these. I miss Kettlebells and highly encourage everyone to incorporate them into your training.

    B. 6 + 336 @ 125….
    pretty great recovery wod….
    I think Thursday morning 5:30am might be my favorite wod of the week. .. pretty laid back 🙂 lol

  2. Marcy

    A. Done w/10# dumb bell
    B. 4 + 420; 1-2 @75# (too light), 3 @95# (too heavy), 4 @85# (just right! and was actually 75% of my max, so RX! 🙂
    ***the rowing totally kicked my butt. Especially considering we did over 1K for the warm-up followed by 500m to see how
    fast we could row it. I was wore out before I started the wod! 🙁 Still not up to speed after being sick for nearly 3 weeks.
    Ok…that’s all! Thanks Matt & Julie!