Tuesday 07092013

Big John
Big John

Fitness – Performance 

A.  Establish a Heavy Back Squat

B.  Karen

150 x Wallballs @ 20lb/14lb 


A.  EMOM – 10 Mins 

Even – 10 x HSPU 

Odd – 10 x T2B 

B.  Karen 

150 x Wallballs @ 20lb/14lb 

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26 Responses
  1. Sara J

    A. Hit 185 (my PR)…
    B. Karen Rx
    6:18- 2 minutes and 10 seconds off my time from the Open 🙂

  2. Ben

    Back is a little tight, and the last couple of workouts have been tougher mentally then usual, not sure why.

    1: no where near my PR. One attempt at 275, and almost had to bail.

    2: best part of day, 7:48, which was almost 2 minutes faster then when I did Karen in the open.

    P.S. All the coaches at CFP are great, but Matt, I do like you. Sometimes I wish I was Asian. Sorry I haven’t been posting, will try to remedy that.

  3. Bryan Donaldson

    Again matched my previous PR @ 275, had 285 down and back up but just missed getting to parallel so I won’t count it.
    WOD – 8:40 Rx’d a 5 second PR.

    Love you Matt!!!

  4. Amy K

    A) PR back squat at 180 lbs. Sara J was there and said it was low enough.
    B) resting shoulder so did 3 rounds of 400 meter run with 50 left armed lacrosse wall ball shots 11:48. More difficult than it sounds 🙂

  5. Pat Demeules

    A. 275, tried 305 for a 5 pound pr but missed both attempts.
    B. 8:58, only finished 140 during the open.

  6. Carrie

    A. 245# max back squat. 10# PR!
    B. 12# WB. Used a ball behind me to make sure I was getting low enough. Definitely felt the difference!! 8:50

  7. Paul Bye

    A. 245# max back squat – really the first time I have ever attempted a max, so I guess it’s a PR! (did 195 x3 in a prior workout once)
    B. Karen – 9:34 – the open workout that started with 150 wallballs I only got 139 in the 12-minute time limit, so good improvement there too

  8. Jeff W

    385# back squat 7:41 karen, ill be thanking matt tomorrow after my morning coffee movement, i think im investing in a higher toilet:)

  9. Malachi Johnson

    A.) 425 # back squat. (10 lb pr) Really didn’t feel like going heavy today, but then Derek Johnson said he was going heavy, so I had to also!!!
    B.) 6:24 Karen. I couldn’t catch Sara J…Damn!
    Shoulders burned after that. Legs were fine, but shoulders were sore!

    1. Sara Jech

      Yeah well, I didn’t just do a 425lb back squat either!!!!
      You killed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Renee

    A. previous PR was 135…only got 125 today:( Attempted 145 today and had to bail. Didn’t do that too pretty and bar rolled all the way down my back.
    B. Karen with 10# ball – 9:18. During open, didn’t finish the 150 wall balls (also 10# ball during open) in 12 minutes so was thrilled with time today. Really hurting as the day went on…getting out of bed may be a challenge tomorrow.

  11. Jess S.

    A. BS 175#, 10# PR, attempted 185 but had to bail, and I think I got low enough Matt! 🙂
    B. Karen RX 7:23 my legs hate you Karen!

  12. Alexi

    A. 325# (like 10-20# PR)
    B. 9:30 rx. At the open wod with the wallballs I timed out at maybe 90. Big improvement.

  13. Staci Vinz

    A. EMOM: Odd: HSPU/ Even: 10 T2B
    B. 6:37 (Pretty sure this was a PR from sectionals by over a minute)
    Did some strength, but legs were wobbly from Karen.

  14. Susan kian

    Karen 8:15…..i think at the open it was 7:46 so i should have pushed harder. Next time i will do a big set followed by little ones.

    Hspu and toes to bar – changed my hspu and they are not working well lately. I am going to go back to the old way where i don’t bend at the hip as much. It was easier to stay tight

  15. Jenni Irlbeck

    145#back squat but missed 150# which would have been a PR…
    6:45 for the wall balls but used 10 not 14#…
    Legs and arms are still shaking after a long cool down walk!

  16. Alex G

    Back Squat 285
    Karen – 9:06 – One of the first WODs I did here was the Open one with 150 of those wallballs. Still just as miserable.

    Matt’s prejudices against inflexible pale Irish is rather off-putting!

  17. Jim

    Squat 245 10lbs pr
    Karen 9:54. My least favorite WOD I seem to get slower every time I do it. This is 2:44 slower than my best, very frustating

  18. Angela

    PR back squat @ 205!
    Karen, rx 7:49. 1.29 faster than open time
    The ball never even touched my face this time!

  19. Dawn J

    back squat > 5 sets at 85# 3-5 reps
    Karen with air squats 10:44
    its Thursday and I am still sore