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Mobility Class Description  

Starts August 12th at 3 pm

CrossFit Progression’s Movement and Mobility class

  • This class is more than just stretching! We will be using CrossFit’s 10 foundational movements as a way to develop better quality movement and mobility. Each class we will practice one of the foundational movements and explain different strategies to  prepare for and increase the quality of that particular movement. 

Class goals (from Kelly Starrett’s movement and mobility seminar)

  • Improve understanding of key anatomical elements as they relate to functional movement, and as performance limiters.
  • Increase awareness of “best-fit” biomechanical set-up and movement strategies for optimal work and force outputs.
  • Understand movement compromise strategies for specific movement outcomes.
  • Develop an understanding of common movement dysfunctions and a systematic model for addressing common problems associated with strength and conditioning training.
  • Develop effective abdominal/spine stabilization strategies
  • Understand and apply neuro-muscular stretching methods
  • Understand methods to improve overhead positioning and efficacy
  • Develop methods to address common myo-fascial pain/dysfunction
  • Understand how to treat soft tissue injuries
  • Develop better movement preparation strategies

A.  Pull-up progressions and practice.  Kipping pull-ups, butterfly pull-ups, bar muscle-ups, muscle-ups

B.  Back Squats – 4 x 5 w/2 Min Rest 



Deadlifts @ 315lb/205lb 

Box Jumps @ 30inch/24inch 

8 Min Cap 

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