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Mobility Class Description  

Starts August 12th at 3 pm

CrossFit Progression’s Movement and Mobility class

  • This class is more than just stretching! We will be using CrossFit’s 10 foundational movements as a way to develop better quality movement and mobility. Each class we will practice one of the foundational movements and explain different¬†strategies¬†to ¬†prepare for and increase the quality of that particular movement.¬†

Class goals (from Kelly Starrett’s movement and mobility seminar)

  • Improve understanding of key anatomical elements as they relate to functional movement, and as performance limiters.
  • Increase awareness of ‚Äúbest-fit‚ÄĚ biomechanical set-up and movement strategies for optimal work and force outputs.
  • Understand movement compromise strategies for specific movement outcomes.
  • Develop an understanding of common movement dysfunctions and a systematic model for addressing common problems associated with strength and conditioning training.
  • Develop effective abdominal/spine stabilization strategies
  • Understand and apply neuro-muscular stretching methods
  • Understand methods to improve overhead positioning and efficacy
  • Develop methods to address common myo-fascial pain/dysfunction
  • Understand how to treat soft tissue injuries
  • Develop better movement preparation strategies

A.  Pull-up progressions and practice.  Kipping pull-ups, butterfly pull-ups, bar muscle-ups, muscle-ups

B.  Back Squats Р4 x 5 w/2 Min Rest 



Deadlifts @ 315lb/205lb 

Box Jumps @ 30inch/24inch 

8 Min Cap 

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11 Responses
  1. Rach H

    “special gimpy wod”
    8x200m sled pulls with 55# + sled wt. 1:1 work/rest
    10min AMRAP (partnered w/ Meredith)
    20 step-ups (alternating R/L): while one partner did that, other did AMRAP of situps, then switch…

  2. Staci

    Oly Lifting
    WOD: 3:10 @ 165# w/ 24″ step-ups
    (definitely should of gone heavier or even RX. Didn’t want to strain my back to much after yesterday’s WOD).

  3. Shawn Vinz

    Well, I got though it. Just under the cap but done none the less; I gotta ways to go still.

  4. Jen Brickley

    5:23 115 DL ; first time 20 inch box jumps.
    Worked on kipping pu’s, red band. Tried multiple times to do one unassisted. Not quite there yet!
    BS 85/105/115/125