Tuesday 08282012

Whole Life Challenge – Are you in?

-Cally Vinz

OK, I’m in. I signed up for the challenge. I read all the materials on the website and wasn’t sure I could do it but Sunday night I just signed up, no more contemplating. It’s a “JUST DO IT” time. I need to loose those last 10 pounds and also prove to myself that I can do it. So I’m in — no excuses. I’m still not totally convinced that I am ready to create this level of discipline in my life but I have 3 weeks to get myself ready. Are you in? Do you need to clean up your diet, drop a few pounds or establish consistency to create a more health life?

If you break it down it’s not that bad:

• Work out daily (for at least 10 minutes), we can all do
that. Go to the CFP at least 3 times a week and take
the dog for a walk the other days – Doable!

• Stretch daily – not only is that doable but it will feel

• Fish oil daily – that’s an easy one

• Eat a clean diet (no grains, sugar, dairy or artificial
stuff) — now this is the hard one for me. I’m addicted
to diet coke and I LOVE my morning yogurt. This is
where I will struggle. Time to get accountable to

We’re each responsible for our own health and lifestyle. Our CFP community and coaches are there to offer encouragement and push each of us further than we otherwise would go. It’s time I continue my journey toward my best self. I don’t have to be perfect, just better — join me!


Cally walking the line…

A.  Overhead Squats – 5 x 3 w/2 Min Rest 

B.  Back Squat – 1 x 20 Unbroken reps  

C.  5 x 1 Min AMRAPS 

20 x Double unders or 40 Singles 

10 x Thrusters @ 45lb/35lb 

2 Min Rest after each Round 

-Post results under comments  


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9 Responses
  1. Jeanne S

    Back up north for 2 more weeks but I did today’s WOD. I had to do singles cuz I forgot my ‘real’ rope and 45lb thrusters cuz that’s the only bar they have. 1, 1+10, 1+22, 1+26,1+26
    Can’t wait to get back!!!

  2. Staci

    OHS: 85-105-115-115-115 (working’ on form, not weight today).
    BS: 20UB @ 115
    WOD: 10 ball slams @ 20#
    10 Thrusters @ 45#
    1+8, 1+7, 1+4, 1+4, 1+4, 1+4, 1+4, 1+5

  3. DTrain

    CFP Barbell Club!!
    Felt good. I’m trying to push myself on weights. Used my Rehband on my right knee for the first time and it felt good. Loving the CS variety.