Tuesday 11052013



A1.  Back Squats – 5 x 6 w/4 Min Rest

A2.  Strict Chin-ups – 5 x 5

B.  3 Sets

7 x Deadlifts

2 Min Max Meter Row

2 Min Rest


A1.  Back Squats – 10 x 10 +5lb-10lb w/2 Min Rest

A2.  Strict Chin-ups – 10 x 5 

B.  3 Sets  

7 x Deadlifts @ 65%-75% 

2 Min Max Meter Row 

2 Min Rest 


A1.  Back Squats – 10 x 10 +5lb-10lb w/2 Min Rest

A2.  Strict C2B Chin-ups – 10 x 5 

B.  3 Sets  

7 x Deadlifts @ 75% 

2 Min Max Meter Ski Erg 

2 Min Rest

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11 Responses
  1. Malachi Johnson

    A.) 235
    B.) 460, the next two were between 520 and 550, I can’t remember.

    Those squats really killed my lower back. I needed about 10 minutes to recover. After about 10 minutes I was ready to go again, but I couldn’t do deadlifts for part B. today because I just felt wrecked. I did the row, and on the last set of rows, I felt like I could do deadlifts, but it was too late by then. Love Squats!!!!!

  2. Jessi A

    A. 85 (same weight as last week, but skipped 2 sets last week, and this week I made it all the way through.
    B. 1397-rowing didn’t go well today at all

  3. Susan Kian

    Back squats 155 and only did 8 sets of pull-ups

    Workout can’t remember the numbers but ski erg between 390-410 or so. DL 125.

    Back squats didn’t feel much worse than last week…heavy is heavy.

  4. JennF

    A. 120# Back Squats… learned tonight that I don’t line up center… not sure why.. felt awkward when centered..but still completed the movement well.. mobility issue probably.
    B. 500-500-515. DL at 135, then increased to 155, 155. Thanks for the push Nate and Jech.

  5. Staci Vinz

    A1. BS @ 155#
    A2. Only did 2 sets. Wanted to focus on BS.
    B. DL @ 215#
    Ski-Erg meters 435-429-450

    Good WOD. BS felt consistent all the way through. Takes a few sets to get hips warmed up. First 5 of each set always feel easier than the last 5.

  6. Paul Bye

    Performance – first time at Terrible Tuesday
    A1. @95# – started with a lighter weight, got every round
    A2. Chin-ups 3 rounds unassisted, 7 rounds w/ green band
    B. Rowing rounds 520-490-502, @185# deadlifts. Very tired by the end of each row.

  7. Nicole Chovan

    A1. Struggled pretty much every set. Started at 150 and got through set 4. Then backed down to 145…it didn’t get any easier. It usually gets tough after rep 5, but I was struggling at 3-4 today. Seemed harder than last week.
    A2. Done, they weren’t chest to bar.
    B. Tough. Stuck at 175, I was beat from the back squat. Shawn told me to do TNG the second and third set, but I couldn’t seem to get it down. My form needs a lot of work. Ski Erg 414-412-421

  8. Steve Vinz

    A1. 155 lbs. felt heavy today
    A2. First two sets were unassisted, the rest were with a red band
    B. Deadlifts at 135lbs.(could have gone heavier but my back was getting a little tight / sore) and approx. 1500+ meter row

    Good workout….thanks for the push Derek!