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Date:  Sunday, February 16 

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Warming up!
Warming up!


A.  EMOM – 10 Mins

Even – 10 x Box Jumps

Odd – 5 – 8 x Strict Pull-ups

B.  14 Min AMRAP

9 x Burpee Box Overs

12 x T2B

15 x HR Push-ups

Performance – Sport

A.  EMOM – 10 Mins

Even – 10 x C2B Pull-ups (Sport 5/3 x Muscle-ups)

Odd – 12 x Box Jumps @ 24inch/20inch

B.  14 Min AMRAP

9 x Burpee Box Overs @ 24inch/20inch

12 x T2B

15 x HR Push-ups

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23 Responses
  1. Monica

    A. 20 inch box jumps(a bit of a mind game for me). red and green bands for pull ups.
    B. 6+6 arms still feel like jello….

  2. Crysta P

    A. 20″ Box Jumps (for the first time and only missed twice – agree with Monica, a big mind game), red + green band for pull-ups (they felt much better than usual…there is hope!)
    B. 5 – did K2E for 2-1/2 rounds then ripped callous so switched to T2B on floor 🙁

  3. Lindsey G

    A. 20in box jumps, blue/red band C2B
    B. 4+11 20in box jumps, 1 round K2E, then lying leg raises, regular push ups until last round – went to knees.

    Good WOD!

  4. Josh

    A.) Box Jumps @ 24”, did bounding for the first time ever. Holy macro it’s way faster! Did 4 rounds of C2B and 1 round of strict PUs.
    B.) 4 + 34 – Felt like a turd this morning, so struggled pretty hard in this one. Only did the first round of T2B, then switched to K2E. I can tell all those pushups in kettlebell class are helping, though. The HR PUs weren’t too bad!

  5. Jessi A

    A. 16 inch box step-ups with 10# weight in each hand and 5 strict pull-ups with green and red band. I am having a huge mind game with box jumps. It’s how I injured myself last year and I am really scared to do that again. The past two weeks I have felt things in my low back/hip area like when I had my injury, so am trying to be responsible, but part of me thinks I may just never do box jumps again. I was out of crossfit for 3 months and came back at a very restricted workout for almost another 3 months. I can’t get past that mental block….otherwise known as fear.
    B. 5+1
    I did lying leg raises and push-ups from my knees.
    BTW, those were some jacked up burpees to have us to do in our warm-up before this WOD. Thanks, Matt!! 😛

  6. Marcy

    A. 16-in. box jumps (first time I’ve jumped in eons!! Typically step-up. From past falls—my head wouldn’t let me jump! til today! 🙂
    8 strict pull ups with green band
    B. 4+8 (I did step ups this time for the burpee box jump overs), hr toe push-ups, 2 sets of 24 sit-ups, 2 sets of leg raises from floor

  7. Laura S

    Went to the dahlc today:
    A. FS 5×5 @ 65-65-75-85-90
    BS 5×5 @ 65-85-90-95-100 (PR)-only bc I haven’t done a lot of BSing.
    Shoulder press 3×10 @ 45-50-50
    K2E: 3×5
    B: 1 mile run for time: 9:57 **2 min improvement from June 2013!!

    Since starting CFP I’ve kind of avoided the dahlc except for yoga classes but I just wrote down a plan and did it! Felt great! My friend was impressed/imtimidated I went into the “guys” section of the gym aka free weights and squat racks. Ha!

  8. Megan

    A. All kipping pull ups for the first time ever since learning the last week during skills practice !!!!
    Box jump step down 18″ box
    B. 5? Rounds
    18″ box step overs
    Many HR push-ups were from toes not knees this time:)
    T2B ( not a pretty skill for me) perhaps more practice sessions?
    Good WOD. Challenging after taking 2 days off for a neck pain.

  9. Nicole Chovan

    AM- 2 hours mobility, iron scaps and rolled out my shoulders/quads.

    PM- Sport
    A. Box jumps went well, worked on the rebound and felt like it was comfortable. Muscle ups 5(PR)-4-4-4-4 all unbroken.
    B. 5+24. T2B were nasty. Tried to do sets of 4…ended up doing sets of 3 and couldn’t figure it out. HR pushups looked ugly. Tried to not be wormy…but they kinda were.

  10. Susan Kian

    Due to scheduling problems/worst week ever I had officially gone an entire week without exercise…..I don’t know if that has ever happened. Anyways….it will never happen again because I am completely unable to deal with any stress without it. I went to dahlc with my husband tonight. I did push jerks 95#, dips 5×5, pullups 10, squats 135 4×8, rowing 1200m. 35 wall balls ub. The guys in the weight area looked like they were gonna have a coronary watching a pregnant lady do dips and push jerks and pull-ups….so I felt awkward. Anyways feeling out of shape and excited to get back to CF thurs or Friday. So sad I missed squat Tuesday…. :/

  11. Staci Vinz

    A. BJ felt good, rebounded all with hip extension on top of box. Leg felt good.
    3 MU each round. Strung done together, but was easier to go singles most of the time.
    B. 5 + 7
    burpees and T2B were actually fairly easy, HRPU however were not fun. Ugh…not sure I will ever enjoy push ups!

  12. JennF

    a. Jumped up and down (not sure I would call it “rebounding”) for most rounds, then compared to jump up and step down and step up step down. Rebounding and step ups were faster than my jump up step downs. Knowledge for the OPEN
    B. Didn’t care for the workout when I read it on the whiteboard which caused a bad attitude which correlated with less than stellar performance. 4+21 I think…maybe 3+21?? last 2 rounds were sit ups in place of T2B because I ripped on round 3. burpee box jumps were slow. Pissed at myself for the bad attitude. T2B actually felt pretty good. Tips from Jech, Juli and Matt were helpful. ARRGH!!

  13. Keith

    A: Did box jumps with the 20″ box on it’s side. Got good C2B with a red and blue band
    B: 5 cycles. Step-ups on a 20″ box. First set of PUs were “normal”, the rest on my knees. HR PUs are hard for some reason. Did knees to elbow with blue band.

  14. Sara Jech

    A. Worked on C2B… Did the first round with red skinny band and Julie said to toss it and just buck up and do the C2B.. so I did! Didn’t get all C2B, but feeling better about the pull..
    All box jumps with rebounds… These are feeling great… Last few sets I did within 15 seconds….

    B. 4 + 15…… Ripped on my 3rd round of T2B, so did divers for my last two rounds…..
    Burpees were my rest in this one…. Could do these all day instead of push ups… HATE HRPUs, BUT tonight I did them all from my toes.. I usually wimp out and go to my knees….

    Talked with Julie after class and realizing I need to start really working on not using bands, knees, etc. and just work on the movements that would be in competition….. Clearly I knew this, but finally decided to stop taking the easier way out, and just buck up and do it!!!!!
    Good night and GREAT WOD even though I ripped…

  15. Jessi

    A. 16″ box & pull-ups with small green + small blue. Did strict for as many as I could and then kipped.
    B. 4+26 – Didn’t mind the push-ups as much as the T2B. I am so slow at T2B (or knees to elbow) and could not get my shit together to string more than 2 at a time. So, that needs work. Otherwise liked the workout.

  16. Cory L

    A. 24″ box jumps. Kipping C2B with blue band until it slipped off my foot and gave me a good *snap*. Switched to strict C2B with a blue and green band.
    B. 5+17. Pushups were the hardest part for me. Was able to keep pretty good pace through the burpees, so felt good about that. Had to do K2E instead of T2B and had to break them up a bit.

    Really liked this workout!