Wednesday 03202013



A.  Clean Progressions 

B.  In Teams of 2 – 4 Complete  

150 x Wallballs 

150 x Swings 

150 x Pull-ups/Ring rows/Jumping Pull-ups 

150 x Squats 


A.  Cleans – 5 x 3 w/2 Min Rest 

B.  In teams of 3 – 4 Complete 

150 x Wallballs @ 20lb/10lb 

150 x Hang Power Snatches @ 75lb/55lb 

150 x Pull-ups 

150 x OHS @ 75lb/55lb 


A.  Every 15 Secs for 16 Sets 

3 x Power Cleans & Jerks @ 155lb/105lb 

B.  7 Rounds AFAP 

7 x Hang Power Snatches 

7 x CTB Pull-ups 

7 x HSPU @ 4inch/2inch 

7 x OHS 

7 x SDHP 

7 x Box jumps @ 30inch/24inch 

7 x Thrusters 

@ 115lb/85lb 

Optional Accessory 


A.  4 x 500M Row w/3 Min Rest 

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8 Responses
  1. Matt Nold

    First partner workout, it was great. The maniac that was kicking the 4:30 class during planks was no where to be found at 5:30, so that was a bonus. : )

  2. Susan kian

    A. 1st four rounds I did 3s, then I switched to ones because I noticed everyone else was only doing one…then I thought I was doing it wrong…but I guess I wasn’t. Duh. I mess everything up. I should have kept 3s up because I think I could have for longer.

    B. 2 rounds…forgot my time. Not great and a bit sloppy.. Overhead squats killed my wrists, almost couldn’t stand it for 7 reps….. Handstand push-ups were not great either so I stayed after to practice and got a few good pointers.

  3. Rach

    Clean sq: 115×3, 125×2
    Wod: team: katina, Liz & myself :27:08
    65# hang snatches& ish, 10#wb
    Great lil wod!! Thanks ladies for letting me up the wts!!