Wednesday 06132012


A.  Front Squats – 5 x 3 w/90 Sec Rest 

B.  5 Rounds For time: 

15 x Thrusters @ 75lb/55lb 

400M Run 

15 x Pull-ups 

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14 Responses
  1. Nate

    18:57 Rx. Beat my goal time by over a minute!

    You know it’s a good workout when you’re begging for a movement to end but then you’re looking forward to it again by the end of every round.

  2. Jim Sorum

    18:46 @ 65lbs since I can’t add, thought it was 75lbs. May come in this afternoon and do it right

  3. Staci

    Oly Lifting:
    Snatch 4×2 (105-105-110-115) 120(x1 5#PR)
    125-failed, but got under it and overhead, just didn’t get it stood up!! Grrrrrr!!!
    Hang Clean 3×2 (125-135-145) 150(x1, 10# PR)

    FS: 5×3 (85-125-135-135-135)
    15 thrusters 55#
    400m row
    15 Russian KB swings @ 1.5

  4. Rach H

    FS: 5×3: 95, 105, 115, 125, 135
    wod: 23:26 rx
    damn hands (grip) hurts from yesterday still, hammys are tight too from yesterday (apparently tues beat me up some…)

  5. Jess L

    FS 85/95/105/105/115
    WOD 24:09….55lb thrusters, rowing and pull ups with red band, did first round without a band. That was a killer workout!!!

  6. Mike S

    FS x 3: 95,105,115,125,135- felt great! Got nice and low
    BS x 20: 140- felt just OK
    WOD @ 65,jumping PU= 24:38- felt SO tired, sore, slow and out of shape!
    very wiped out afterwards
    I have been very tight and sore in hips and lower back/obliques for the last 3 days (from CF total?) Felt much better tonight though.

  7. xfjosh

    WOD 24:?? with 65# and jumping pull ups. Still need to get my rythem and technique for the pull ups. My runs were a lot slower than usual. Felt like my legs were gone from the start. Maybe from maxing out on Mon?