Wednesday 07022014



A. Pull Up Progressions 5×5

B. 2500m Row

every 500m perform 25 DU/Tuck Jump


A. 4×15 (5/3 bar MU, 5 C2B, 5 PU-unbroken)

B. 3k Row

every 500m perform 25 DU

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3 Responses
  1. Susan kian

    Sport WOD done with air dyne 2 miles with dubs every half mile. No rowers left.

    Happy I could still do bar MU. They felt strong and I was not landing them super low like I did 10lbs ago.

  2. Staci Vinz

    A. Worked on bar MU. Had really hurt today.
    B. 17:05 decided to cut the cord and use my new rope and work on using better form for my DU’s. Was a little rough at first and got done unsightly whip marks, but started to get the hang of it at the end.