Wednesday 07102013


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-July 13th – Olympic Lifting Seminar starting at 12 pm – 4 pm 

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Is this a good or bad catch on the snatch?
Is this a good or bad catch on the snatch?

Fitness – Performance

A.  15 minutes to establish a max Clean & Jerk

B.  Nicole

20 Min AMRAP

400M Run

Max Rep Pull-ups



Even – 5 x TNG Squat Cleans

Odd – 5 males/3 females x Bar muscle-ups

B.  Nicole

20 Min AMRAP

400M Run

Max Rep Pull-ups

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31 Responses
  1. Angela

    C&J @ 125 (not a PR)
    Nicole was tough for me especially since Karen was so brutal yesterday!
    5+200m run – 43 pull-ups w/red band

  2. Amy K

    Still resting right shoulder
    A) left arm kettlebell swings, squats, and presses 10 each, 5 sets. Weight??

    B) modified Nicole. Substituted left arm ring rows for pull-ups
    6 rounds + 1 400 meter run 70 reps

  3. Sara J

    A. 115lb C&P- Never maxed out on a C&P, so this would be a PR
    B. 6 Rds/ 58 Pull ups with Red Band

  4. Brandon

    A: @95
    Blue band bar mu’s
    B: Nicole, 6rounds-76
    Butterfly as long as I could then went to kipping for the rest. Feeling weak this week, need to eat more.

  5. Rach

    A: cleaned 155#, but failed the jerk (no PR)
    B: nicole: 5 rnds – 54 pullups (majority were butterfly, until I lost control, then kipped), + 400m run.

    then tried Max snatch: 115 (failed 125 (no pr though),
    bench press 3×5: 85, 105, 115.

  6. Nicole Chovan

    A. Clean max of 155 lbs (skipped the jerks today because of my shoulders. No PR)
    B. Nicole : 7+78. Went much better than I expected. Pull-ups were consistent and felt pretty good!

  7. Jessica S.

    130# clean, 5# PR but failed the jerk was able to C&J 125….I think I was tired from yesterday.
    Nicole 7 rounds 63 pull-ups RX.

  8. Fred

    A. 145lb which is the most that I have C&J’ed. But my form was poor

    B. Nicole: 7 rounds and 63 pull-ups. I’ve been experimenting with the kiping pull-up before classes recently but this is the first time that I used them in a WOD; they were a little rough but I was able to do more than when using strict form.

  9. Sara R

    A. C&J 105# attempted 115# cleaned it but wasn’t able to get a full jerk
    B. 5 rds and 45 ring rows

    This was a killer for me….2 things I’m not very good at.

  10. Staci Vinz

    A. 175 Clean (5#PR) missed the jerk twice. I will get you next time!!!
    B. 5 rounds/78 pull-ups
    100 GHD’s

  11. Jennifer Brickley

    I have been gone for 3 weeks. Coming back was a bit rough.
    Sucked at c/j, got 105 but then went down and just did technique.
    5 rds, 59 pullups, red band. I felt like I was sluggish running. Last time I did 72 reps (can’t remember rounds) but it was with a blue band.

  12. Amy S

    A. 105 Clean n Jerk (10 lb PR). Attempted 115#, but dropped the clean coming up from squat! I need to practice more squats!!! Thanks for the tips, Shawn!
    B. 5 rounds, 75 ring rows. I only walked once, which is a big deal for me.

  13. Jenn Frank

    A. Proud of my 140# clean and Jerk (15# PR for the whole movement I guess)… I have Jerked from the bar 140# before, never cleaned this much, I dont think.

    B. Banded pullups 59. I have a terrible kip… and was afraid to use a lighter band… should have.. I didnt feel as exhausted as I could have been.

  14. Roo

    Clean and Jerk – 215lbs. Never really gone for a 1 rep max before, so that would be a PR. 10# over what the board says my clean was from last year. Jerk was the easy part, so need to squat more.

    Nicole – 5 rounds – 97 pull-ups. Got 40 pull-ups my first round and completely burnt myself out for the following ones. Strength is there initially but doesn’t last, which is not surprising considering I’ve been out for a while.

  15. Jessi

    A. No PR today…first time doing jerks in a month or 2? So, kept it light and did a few at 85#.
    B. 5/69. I really need to graduate off of my green band…

  16. Alex G

    A. 155 – first time ever really going for a 1 rep max on this so I suppose its a 40 pound PR.
    B. 7 Rounds – 71. Need to work on kip form – still flailing around like a fish out of water on the bar.

  17. Josh B

    A. 245- clean and jerk PR
    B. 7 rounds-105
    Felt pretty good today however I didn’t do Karen yesterday which probably helped.

  18. Amanda Y

    A. 120# (PR by 5#, cleaned 125# and attempted jerk x2 w/o success)
    B. 6 rounds–47 kipping pull-ups. Holy crap, I graduated from the red band. Still reeling. Can’t believe I could do them…and that many of them. RX!