Wednesday 10242012

Post Mobility at CFP


Buy-in – 1000M Row/800M Run 

Followed by: 

30 x T2B

20 x Thrusters @ 115lb/85lb 

50 x Box jumps @ 24inch/20inch 

20 x Thrusters 

30 x T2B

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21 Responses
  1. jen

    17:18- good to be able to lift something – even if it was only 35#, and to be able to hang from the bar for toes to bar! Great 10 min cool down jog with Kessa and Melissa afterwards! Great way to start the day!

  2. Mark

    Either 23min or 18min. Stacy told me my time as I finished and I don’t know if she subtracted the 5min staggered start or not. I was too busy testing the comfort level of the floor. Started rx had to scale at the end.

  3. Cally Vinz

    17:45 (10 successful T2B the rest was scaled). Worked on my form with thrusters and finished every one with a deep squat.

  4. Rach H

    run, leg raises, back sq @ 115#, box jumps, back sq, leg raises…
    legs were rubber, very hard to drive home!!!

  5. Katina austin

    WOD 14:39 with 55lb thrusters and leg raises. Need to work on T2B.
    This cold is kicking my butt, but I made it.

  6. 16:45 scaled to 95lbs, knees to elbows, step ups……sore legs today and yesterday….good workouts this week….ready for a rest day 🙂