Wednesday 11072012

Oly class

A.  Partner WOD

25 Min AMRAP

You go I go

Partner 1:  

15 x Swings

10 x Burpees

Partner 2:  

Row for Meters

On the completion of  15 Swings and 10 burpees, partner 1 will rotate to the rower, and partner 2 will rotate to the couplet.  Score = Total completed rounds and Meters for both partners. 

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9 Responses
  1. Vince Brickley

    Partnered with my lovely wife Jen, rowed about 4400 m, then 14+45. Was a bit discouraged about completing so few rounds, but then reminded myself that a few months ago when I started I could never have completed 70 burpees. So I’m OK with that!