Wednesday 11132013

Bring a friend day
Bring a friend day

Bring a Friend Day WOD

A.  20 Min AMRAP (Groups of 3 – 4) 

Complete as many rounds with your partners

150m/100m Row 

10/5 x Burpees 

15/10 x Wallballs 


A.  20 Min AMRAP w/Partner 

150m Row 

10 x Burpee Pull-ups 

20 x UB Wallballs  @25lb/16lb 

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9 Responses
  1. Dawn Johnson

    I am really blessed to belong to a gym Crossfit Progression that allows you to go at your own level. I went today after not doing a WOD since the WLC and only working out for tennis lessons and reffing soccer. I am pretty beat up right now in treatment for brain cancer, just had oral surgery a week ago to remove an infection in my jaw, and found out that my R ankle soreness is only from anterior tib tendonitis and nothing worse. I had to get out of the house this AM and go to the gym. Thanks Shawn Vinz and Matthew J Arnold for your patience this AM and helping adapt the workout. Hoping to be back in shape for the Open.

  2. Susan Kian

    Partner workout was fun! See Staci for results.

    My biggest complaint: my workout pants are so tight I can’t breathe.

  3. JennF

    Fun workout with Fam/Friend.

    A few friends all politely declined. Was talking about it with my nanny, who said she would like to come!! She was pretty scared, but did a great job!! We got somewhere around 5 rounds.

    Now I guess I have to Zumba with her (she is an instructor at the RAC)… so if anyone is interested.. I would like some company to help me not feel so stupid!!

  4. Nicole Chovan

    Came this morning with one of my friends. We got somewhere around 5 rounds maybe? Was a pretty good workout. Did the last 2 rounds of 20 WB unbroken (compared to the 15 I did in the other rounds), My friend Nikki said she really liked it!

    This evening I brought another friend and this it was tough! I got through 7 rounds, she got through 6. Matt had me switch to American swings at 1p after round 3 and so glad I did because my legs are already killing me from WB earlier in the day and squat day yesterday! She also enjoyed the class!

    Side note- great classes today! Much support and encouragement from everyone! Hope everyones friends and family enjoyed themselves!

  5. Cory L

    Fun F&F workout today. Partnered with Jody, newly introduced to CFP. We were able to get around 7-8 rounds in on the WOD (great job Judy!). Lots of fun seeing so many new faces having a good time. Great job by all the coaches who were on hand for the huge number of participants. Lots of encouragement and energy all night. Lots of fun!