Wednesday 12042013

Friends and Family day today! 


Fitness – Performance  

A.  20 Min AMRAP 

Teams of 3 – 4 

Waterfall Style  

200M Row 

20/15 x Air Squats  

15/10 x Sit-ups 

10/5 x Burpees   


A.  20 Min AMRAP 

Teams of 2 – 3 (Complete Rounds) 

You go I go  

1 Round 

10 x Box Jumps @ 24inch/20inch 

10 x HR Push-ups 

10 x Calorie Row 

10 x Wallballs @ 20lb/16lb 

10 x Pull-ups 

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10 Responses
  1. Paul Bye

    My very first morning class – interesting to see the CFP world from the other side of the day and see the morning people!
    20 Minute AMRAP w/ my friend Mishawn that I brought for F/F day
    2 rounds + 55 (we were doing 15x per movement per round, 20″ box jumps, 20# wallballs, blue + red band pull-ups)

  2. Sara Jech

    Awesome 5:30am WOD with the Andrists 🙂
    20 Minute AMRAP- Sport
    20 inch box jumps – finally getting the bound down
    HR Push ups – these need work
    Cal Row- ugh
    Wall Balls w/16lb ball – finally something I’m good at 🙂
    Pull Ups with Red band- Hands really sore this week, these were tough this morning

    Overall fun WOD- Thanks Ang and Jason for letting me buddy up this morning!!

  3. Nicole Chovan

    Changed some things around because I did the workout by myself.
    I did a 20 minute AMRAP of:
    -10 Box Jumps (with step down) at 20 inches
    -10 HR push-ups (need to practice these)
    -10 Cal row
    -10 Wallballs at 14lbs to 10 ft target.

    9+4 was a tough one but real good!

  4. Susan Kian

    Sport alone

    24 inch since I did box step ups
    14 lb wall ball couldn’t find a 16

    3 of 10 of one set of the push-ups I dropped to my knees.

    5 +45

  5. Keith G

    Great to see so many guests today giving it their all and seeing what we go through every week!
    Dave and I got through 4 1/2 reps.

  6. Cory L

    Partnered with Judy. Opted for 24in burpee-box-jumps. Found pacing the squats was important for not bonking on the burpees.
    Was a great partner workout. Lots of fun! Great job Judy!!!