Wednesday 12052012


The Holiday PR Challenge has been pushed back to January 19th.  I  apologize for the inconvenience.  – Matt

A.  Take 20 Minutes to establish a 1 rep Max Clean&Jerk 

B.  2K Row AFAP 

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24 Responses
  1. Nate

    Tried to do some snatching and split jerks, but my core was pretty spent from the week. Finished with some DUs.

  2. Staci

    A. Worked up to 145. First time split jerking on months r/t leg. Felt good at light weight, got nervous to try heavier.
    B. 7:51 (5 sec PR)

  3. Mike Soper

    145# C&J matched my PR. Poor form, not dropping down under the bar and muscling it up. Need to start taking Oly classes.
    2K row 8:51

  4. Rach

    C&j: only worked clean got to 145#, felt great! Not ready to work heavy jerk, pre injury jerk hurt worst…
    2k row: 8:29