Wednesday 12122012


A.  Take 10 Minutes to establish a Heavy Jerk (Front Rack) 

B.  For total time w/Partner 

25 x Burpees (Both Partners)  

and then.. 

16 Rounds of 

200M Row (Alternating with your partner) 

and then.. 

25 x Burpees  (Both Partners) 

C.  Habbe Abs 

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14 Responses
  1. Paul

    A. Split Jerk – 185# (50# PR!)
    B. 4:30 class did individual workout:
    – 20x burpees
    – 8 rounds of 200m row + 5x burpees each round
    – 50 wallballs (@10#)

  2. Staci

    A. Worked on getting use to split jerking again. Kept it light.
    B. 13:59 with Matt doing the Aerodyne.
    C. Have abs with 14#
    D. Mobility Class– learned I am a supple leopard!!! 🙂

  3. Vince Brickley

    A: 135# jerk, tried to concentrate on form instead of maxing out.
    B: 16:45 with Chris – er, I mean Scott Nelson. Note to self, never pair up with Scott again on a rowing WOD. The man is a beast of a rowing machine. Holy Crap! Sorry I held you back, man!

  4. Jenn F

    Jerk–125#– failed x1, then was scolded by Josey to try again and got it!
    WOD: I don’t remember-but worked with Carrie–great partner!!
    Habbe abs- 2 min