Whole Life Challenge

Whole Life Challenge.

Over 60 students of CFP took on the Whole Life Challenge this past 8 weeks.  The final event had the atmosphere of a competition and people showed up with their game faces on.  The challenge was many things to many people.  But to all it was about taking something on.  For some it was taking something on to inspire others.  For most it was taking something on for themselves, trying to better oneself or perhaps trying to better their family.   You learned a lot this past  8 weeks, a lot about diet and  a lot about yourself.  How do you deal with life?  How much can you tolerate when things don’t go as planned?  How are you influenced by those around you?

Whatever your results, you are in a different place now then when you started.  You may not have won a prize, you may not have done as well as you wanted.  Whatever your results, you  have learned some things about yourself as well.

The community that was expressed throughout this challenge was inspiring.  The help, the support, and the ideas that flowed into the gym and in the forums was priceless.  It was a pleasure to watch and participate in, and I am sure it will continue even now that the challenge has ended.

Our results are quite amazing as well.  These results were turned in by a wide range of people in a wide range of situations.  For those that completed the challenge we lost a combined 234.5 inches!  Simply amazing for 8 weeks.  Our combined work out scores improved by 509 reps!  All of this in 8 weeks.  It took only 2 months for these accomplishments.    This is the best evidence yet that what we do can truly work for anyone.

A big thanks to all who participated.  You have made CFP better.

Joshua J. Grenell

Special thanks to Andrew Yori, Sherwin Samaniego, Jennifer Grenell, Nic Scudamore, Julianne Carisch, Addison Bain, Matthew Arnold, Cory Felderman, and Jeremy Mghenyi.

Monday 11122012 


There will be no regular classes this Saturday due to the Turkey Throwndown from 9am – 12pm

There will be no classes on Thanks Giving day November 22nd.  

A.  Snatch x 2 – EMOM for 10 min @ 75% – 80% 

B.  12 Min AMRAP 

5 x Unbroken Thrusters @ 135lb/95lb 

30 x Unbroken double-unders 

C.  Tabata Sit-ups x 8 sets 

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18 Responses
  1. Ashley

    A. 50 lbs.
    B. 11 rounds + 5 thrusters @ 40 + 24 singles… made it through the first 10 sets of singles completely unbroken.

  2. Cally Vinz

    Scaled for my injured knee —
    A. 55# strict overhead press EMOM
    B. WOD 10 (45# strict presses, single leg singles)
    C. 13 each tabata round

  3. Katina Austin

    Snatch @ 70#
    WOD 9+34 tabata 9
    I liked that workout, starting to get good at doing thrusters. Did singles, still working on Double unders.

  4. Rach H

    snatch emom: 1.25(?) kb
    wod: 8+12 (thrusters w/ 1pd kb). dubs kicked me round 2 & 3 had to restart, slow steady pace worked better then speed… :/