Whole Life Challenge

Whole Life Challenge at CFP!

CFP will be participating in the whole life challenge world wide online game.  Your point Coaches on this event are Jen, Julie, and Josh.  Ask them in the gym if you have any questions.  Below are the facts and rules.  Cost will be $45 per person.  Family Friends are invited to join Team CFP.

About the Challenge

The Whole Life Challenge is an 8-week online social game designed for you to peer into every aspect of your world and create a 360-degree-view, eyes-in-the-back-of-your-head, no surprises, enjoying-every-moment-of-it kind of life. Supported by your community, you will begin to see where your commitment to your results slips out of your grip and where you inadvertently get pulled around by the circumstances that show up.

You will discover what’s working and what’s not and have the opportunity, over the 8 weeks, to create a practice that is sustainable and supports the life that you want to live. The challenge is a tool for building a vibrant, strong, and healthy body and spirit, filled with the confidence of knowing that you can make it work in any situation and your life can be whatever way you want it to be.

In this challenge you will be trained to be accountable for having the results you want. Accountable not from the standpoint of “Who’s fault is this,” but accountable from the standpoint of “That’s my life out there! I get to make it!”

Too often our lives occur as limited by circumstances — time, money, commitments, people, traffic, weather — and it seems like those circumstances limit what results we can have. This challenge focuses you on what it will take to have the results no matter what and how to break free of what has limited you in the past. You will learn to be accountable to yourself for the results — free from any particular way of getting there!

Rules/FAQ: Here

Sign-up: Here!

Sign up starts August 15th.  $45 per person, Friends and Family Welcome to join in!

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  1. Kim

    What is the amount for prizes? What do you suggest for fish oil – the last time I took fish oil it was supposed to be a good one with no burps etc. I made it 3 weeks and had to give it up due to burps and tummy issues? What time is the challenge start – I work until 12:45 that day. Thanks.